Comment to ''Brand new bath then this happened …''
  • Wow, that is a good story. I wonder why your dog was approached when it was bathed but not when not bathed. That is weird. Maybe you were using delicious shampoo or the neighbor's dog prefer to run up on a clean dog. :)

    • That dog was a terrible. If I’m walking down the street the dog acted as if it wanted to kill me or anyone walking down the street. Normally I wouldn’t give it any attention because he was behind the fence. One day I was walking. I was young then. The dog runs up and is barking. He got to the front gate. It was open. He came out the yard still barking. He began running towards me. I knew I couldn’t outrun it. So I ran towards him. I assumed I was going to get bitten. But the dog saw me running towards him and turned and ran back in the yard.

      I have no idea why dogs loved my shampoo…lol Mostly stray dogs. Only once it was the neighbor dog. I only seen that dog out of his yard twice. The home is on the same side of the street as me. There’s an empty lot across from me. He came from that lot. I had time to ge everyone to safety. But my wife prevented me from getting the dogs in safe because she was afraid. My son was young. She was holding him and keeping that gate closed…