Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • well one thing is for certain and I can see it with my own eyes, is that natural selection works way better than breeding as a whole.

    Natural selection is cruel to the individual, but good for the species.

    I live in San Bernardino, and just like detroit has feral dogs, so do we. The feral dogs around here end up being the paraiah type that are most succesfful. These dogs are very healthy dogs, never see a vet, etc. and they make it through life.

    Now, once in a while, I will come across a feral dog, that obviously has some pit, rott, shepherd, etc in it. The point im trying to make is that one of the feral pariah dogs, has most likely crossed with someone elses dog that got out........anyways, when I do see those dogs, holy cow they are tuff as nails, they got the survival genetics from the pariah dog, along with the "pit" or what have you influence as well. Now I am not talking about working etc, just the build of and health of these dogs. However the majority of the feral dogs are scavenger pariah type. Sometimes it can be hard to tell them apart from a coyote at a distance.