Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • I have seen some nice dobes. I don't see it often. They can still perform. They are good working dogs. However, they will only be what they have been trained to be. We live in a society where people take working breeds like this and never work them. They become nothing more than pets. The owners user them a a dog to sit on a coach. They never stimulate the working qualities is the breed. I've even had some comment on my video of me training a dog for property protection say 'm a horrible person for teaching this to a dog. This is what it was bred to do. It was one of my pups. The owner has some acres with some expensive equipment. He wanted his dog to keep intruders off of his land and away from his equipment. This dog was purchased to have a job. He was being taught to do his job. The video was just the beginning of his training.


    As for as outcossing to fix the breed I think that is wrong. That is just my opinion. If you outcross the dog it is no longer the same breed. It is a just a mixed breed. Sure a mixed breed can be a good dog. It can be a good working dog. But it would no longer be a dobe. IMO it is too late for the dobe as a whole. I don't fault the show dog community. I fault more of the backyard breeds for ruining the breed. I also fault having a political correct society. Political correctness says you should have a dog that will bite. it is not needed. You are being abusive to the dogs. The backyard breeder will breed any 2 dogs just because they are dogs and they believe they can make a profit. back in the 70's and early 80's dobes were still fairly popular. People bought them. They wanted to make them meaner. They were feeding gun powder to the dogs to make them mean. No one knew the true affects that gun powder had on the dogs. Sure they became more aggressive. But it messing them up mentally. It was very harmful to the dogs. They did it with GSD too. These dogs were basically crazy. They had unstable temperaments. They were psycho. Anytime a breed becomes too popular it leads to the harming of the breed. People get them and no nothing about genetics. They no nothing about what is good and bad for the breed. They just want to make some money. Some start off by saying they just want to get some of the money back they put into it by buying a dog. Most think it is easy money. If they are selling this dog for $3,000 I can do the same. I was looking online today. I see ads were people are selling dogs. Some are asking for $1,000 or more for a dog or pup that is physically deformed. They don't know it. They are asking for serious buyers. The sad thing is there will be some other uniformed consumer that will think this is awesome or a great opportunity for them to get a good dog and make some money and they will purchase it and breed it a lead to more bad dogs being produced. I see people selling dogs claiming it is show quality. But the dog has a disqualifying fault. Sure it is a nice dog. But it should be sold as a pet only. The pet can still be a good working dog. It just should not be bred so that it will not reproduce other dogs that have serious or disqualifying faults.