Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • Excellent points as always. This is my perception. I'm not saying I'm wrong or right. This is how I see it. I believe we that breed hold breed towards the standards. Tht I breeding towards the preservation of the breed. The standards in breeds have changed. I can't say why. The changes are minor or at least it's minor in my preferred breed, the Presa. The change is the mount of white that is allowed. I've heard it my change more nd allow even less white. If that is the case I'm fine with that. It is only color. In regards to everyone's perception of the standard this again is my opinion. I don't have statistics to back my thoughts. There is room in the standards to allow for some differences. But there is enough to have some uniformity. Every dog has some faults. Dogs producing oo many faults shouldn't be bred and neither should their offspring. Man people that breed aren't ethical breeders. They do not breed with the standards in mind. They breed just to make a profit or with their own ideal of what they want. I'll give a couple examples from what I personally know. I won't mention names or kennels. I'll use the presas fr my examples. 

    There's a breeder I've spoken oo on a fe occasions. He breed very large presas. He puts down any Presa that is not as big as his. He has never participated in a dog show, but will say his dogs are show quality. His excuse is he doesn't have time to do a show. A disqualifying fult in the pres is excessive size. The Presa was bred to be a catch dog. Thy catch wild cattle, hogs, etc. If th Presa is as big as his dogs they are too slow o catch a wild boar or cattle. That would be a dead dog. Basically it's not functionl for the purpose that they were created. His top stud can't jump and gt it's hind legs off if the ground. It has to be picked up o be ou in a truck. I'm concerned or the of hips and its offspring. He doesn't o th OFA or Penn hip testing.


    Another breeder makes claims of posing many grand champions. I'm not dying that he's lying but I am not aware of any grand champions that he's produced. He has produced some champions. He has done some dog shows. Usually with a champion dog that he's was given or purchased. Never one that he has bred. Years so before I knew him better I talked to him about getting a dog. I interviewed him like I did all breeders. He admitted to me that his top stud had a disqualifying fault and thet he doesn't breed towards the standard . Right now he is posting a pup as show quality . It has a very obvious disqualifying fault. 


    I had a well known breeder tell me that he don't do hip trying on his dogs. The reason being is because he knows their hips are good because he picked all of his dog personally. 


    Examples like this and more are some of the reasons why I say it is important to have a no biased 3rd party evaluate your breeding stock. We all believe we have great dogs. But do our dogs meet the criteria to be part of the breeding stock? It is possible that our dogs are just good dogs.