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  • Good point. I would slightly alter that statement though. Most people that breed breed for money. Some breed i order to to recoup a portion of their expenses. I also know some that only breed when their dog reaches a certain age. Then they breed with producing a replacement dog for their current dog. Dogs do not live forever. I have even met some that breed dog because it gives them something to do. They don't have many litters. They travel all over the US and Canada. They participate in dog shows and dog trials. They decided they were going to breed a dog in their next heat. Then find out their heat is going to right around the time of a trial. They choose not to breed and take the dog to a trial. I can also speak for myself. I have spent way more money on my dogs that I have made. My dogs would be considered a bad investment if I bred to make money. I don't have litters every year or twice a year. Prior to my recent litter it has been 4 years since I had a litter. But we have traveled. I've added more dogs. I kept dogs back. Training, vet bills etc don't compare to what I charged for the litter. I'll be at a working event this weekend. I have another coming up. I even coach sports. My team is playing this weekend and memorial day weekend, But I'll be with my dogs. I travel over 4 hours away to get my dogs ears cropped. I have to be at that vet office by 7 am during the week. I take off to do this. My vet is prepaid to be on standby 24 hours 7 days a week when I have a litter. That includes ultra sound, ex-rays, emergency C sections, Mom and pup exam after birth, follow ups, health certificates, worming, etc. I've had a number of people ask me about the females that I kept back for myself. My response they are not for sale. Honestly it would take what I believe is the right situation. It will also take the right price. So money is involved. But it is not the sole factor. What that number is. I don't know right now. Everybody has a price. I just don't know what it is. My wife said she don't care what the price is they are not for sale.


    When I said for making a few buck. I meant the interest is not in the dog or the breed. The own a dog solely for the purpose of breeding it. They assumed that they could make some easy money. They saw the dog cost $1,000.00 or more. They saw dollar signs. I can make that back and more. They didn't consider the time, money, training, travel, etc that goes into why an ethical breeder dogs cost this much. The person that I was specifically talking about doesn't know anything about the breed or dogs in general. He has never done any health or temperament test. He didn't know what it means to approved bitches. He didn't care that he was sold a dog with no breeding rights for a reason. Therefore he got fake papers to breed a dog that should not be bred. He is passing on bad traits to future generations of dogs. He didn't even plan it well. That dog needed to be bred soon if the mating was going to be successful. It might have been too late. He didn't know what a progesterone test was. He thought I would just do a natural breeding with a dog I don't know that has never been tested for Brucellosis. His dog that he said never been bred but it had been could possibly make my dogs sterile. I'm not sure, but I don't think the dog had any type of shot records. He thought I would take a pup for payment. I wouldn't mind having a dog from that breeder as part of my stock. But that is not the way to get it. I know that breeder has her dogs tested for genetic defects, she does both conformation and working trials with he dogs. She knows the breed and will point out the faults in her dogs and pups. I know that if the dog or pup is not up to par she will only sell it with a spay/neuter contract. When I first met her she tried to sale me one with a spay neuter contract. The pup she didn't show me I got out. But it wasn't for sale. She was keep it. That was many years ago. In my opinion the dogs she has today are much better than the ones she had back then. She wanted $2500.00 for pet qualty. Now she only ask about that much or a little more for breed quality.