Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • There are many people that breed dogs that should not breed them. I've said it many times they will just breed a dog just because it is a dog. They have no idea of what it takes to be a responsible or ethical breeder. This si why people should research the breeder as well if not more than the breed. In dogs like the doberman there is more than enough of a gene pool to be very selective in where you breed and where you buy. If the breeder is not doing genetic health testings you don't have to buy from that breeder.


    I have a rare breed. There aren't as many dogs available in my chosen breed. I recall looking for a male pup. I saw some awesome looking dogs that were being bred. I began making a list of kennels and coming litters. I made sure I was in no hurry to buy. I'm not going to buy on impulse. I'm wiling to wait for the right litter. Even then it's a gamble. But at least it's an educated gamble. This one breeder responded to my questions regarding his litter. I asked about health testing and his health guarantee. He has never had any of his litters evaluated by unbiased 3rd parties. He guarantees his dogs because he has personally picked them out. He knows none of them have hip problems because he picked them out. He has never tested for hip dysplasia or any other possible genetic health problems. He wanted $2500 or $3500 for a pup. His dogs were nice looking. But if I'm going to spend that kind of money I want to know more of a history than a guy that is not a veterinarian saying he personally picked the pups so that's why he can guarantee them.


    Needless to say I passed on getting one of hie beautiful pups. I ended up getting an import. Both the parents had been tested. Their parents had been tested and more. I'm certain every dog in the lineage hasn't been. But at least the recent one has. I knew I might end up getting a dog from a litter where enough testing had not been done. I could lose out, but that is a chance you take especially in limited gen pools. I've had dogs that I refused to breed even though they are champion of record. They met enough of the standard that they became champion. But the faults were enough for me that I didn't want to pass this on to future litters. I know other breeders that do the same. Unfortunately there are too many that will breed anything with four legs. man of them with have a dog with genetic health problems and may or may not know it. They will breed it to a dog of a different breed foolishly believing that because it is not a purebred dog now it is safe from genetic problems. This is far from the truth. If one dog has the genetic disorder and is bred to a different dog those traits will be passed along to future dogs. It just a matter of which generations those disorders will show up.