Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • Of the number of people that breed dogs what percentage are what you call "show breeders"? People that show dogs are not more responsible than any other group. In fact people that show dogs for the most part do not breed for exaggerated traits. In doing so they would not be breeding towards that standard and create faults. Those that show dogs understand that you breed best to best. You don't breed towards exaggerations. That is done by those that do know the standards and or don't care what the standard is. The persons that participate in showing that also breeds will not sell you the average pet owner a dog that they believe will do well in the ring. Those dogs are kept back for their breeding stock or for someone else that they believe will do something with the dog other than the average pet owner. They know every dog in that litter is not show quality. Some might be breed quality. Some will also be pet quality. Even though they are not show quality or breed quality it does not stop them from being a good dog. 


    People that breed for shorter stops, bigger heads, bigger or smaller size are just people that breed dogs and desire to change the dog to fit their ideal of the dog and not the breed standard. Often in order to do so they will breed a dog that is of a different breed and lie about what happened.  Unfortunately they are not honest. They should be honest and say this is a mixed breed instead of passing it off as purebred. These are the things that causes the dog to change their size, color variations, length, etc. They will eve throw in that this is a champion line because one of two dog far down in the pedigree has a title. That becomes the selling point to the uneducated consumer.   


    Unfortunately there is so much ignorance and hatefulness in the dog community that one has to put down another in order to make themselves appear to be superior. Many make excuses as to why their dogs don't compete. Often they aren't honest enough to say my dog doesn't have what it takes. It has bad hocks, It has too long of a stop. It has feet that turn in or out. It has mixed color eyes. It's not really a purebred. I don't even know or understand what or how the judges looks at the dogs. There are a few that will tell I like what I like. I like this color even though it is not standard. It has this color because something that was bred into it had that color. I like a smaller dog.I like a larger dog.