Comment to 'why do dobermans seem weak?!?!?!'
  • Here is an ad drone someone looking to breed. They are breeding just to breed. I would call this person a pet owner and backyard breeder.


    "Very healthy full blood Cane Corso for STUD, no papers, will consider breeding with other cane corso, great Dane, press canario, or large breed. Pup back deals or small stud fee text: 8134461896 he is a true monster and great dog"


    What is this person trying to accomplish? A few pics of the male. Mostly headshot. Nothing that sho the overal condition of the dog. This person will breed with a cane, Presa, or Great Dane. Someone will probably agree to the terms. This is how we get exaggerated features. Someone will falsify papers claiming its a cane or a Presa. If either of those dogs are unhealthy they will pass that to their pups. Of course someone will blame "show breeders" for all that is wrong. SMH


    there Re no qualification for someone to breed.