Comment to 'Best Molosser for hot weather? '
  • For the sake if your daughter. What do you want to know?

    We have given a few suggestions as to breeds of dogs that could do well or better in the heat. Of course better or best is subjective. People are biased. Often because of personal experiences and or research. Example: I love the American Bulldog. I bred them. My first dog was Hines. They call Hines a standard. They are smaller with longer muzzle. Hines were in Texas. The Rio Grande River runs through his yard. They were hog dogs. They hunted wild boars. Later I bred hybrids. A combination of Johnson and Hines. I wanted a dog that would work, be agile and still have the size to handle any threat. I chose function over looks.

    The Cane Corso I personally didn't mention. This was because my experience with the breed as well as other breeder that I know personal that breed or bred Cane Corso.

    The Perro De Presa Canario is my breed of choice now. They are loyal family guardians. They are affectionate with the family. They won't hesitate the defend it's family. They excel in defending the family. But of course I'm biased.