Comment to 'Owning Fila Brasileiro & CO'
  • We all like what we like and with such comes along choices many question me with "why own a dog like that" first and foremost i care not have social dogs they are my family and not for the likes of others ... As i am employed they too have a job other than being my companions which being priority ive spent a fortune in the past owning/training protection breeds...the fila (god bless them) being innately designed to do the job without any tricks nor magic their loyalty faithfulness and undying love of what they deem as theirs is (i find) "what good is a protection dog that must be put away" nevr is there anyone allowed in my home that i havent any knowledge of or those who would bring trouble/threats into my filas(kids) do not want nor care for the likes of others which to say the least is respected and i add if one does not accept this design of the breed do not own my co now 7months as of one week too shall have a job which is my sole purpose/right for diligence in natural protection...responsibilty has increased amazingly since owning my filas so my co will not be any lesser of a responsibilty...if i want a social creature there so happen to be many selections available tho the two breeds differ in many ways yet with many mutual qualities in retrospect which being another topic within itself :wink: