Comment to 'Owning Fila Brasileiro & CO'
  • :D PLATZ :D o ty so vereee kindleeee :D ignored :!: :D :!: i've been so tempted to post my babies NOT myself this leads to another site :wink: i have NOT concluded considering posting fotos of my filas and my co being im more aware of the pessimist n negativity here :evil: one of my filas being exceptional correct type but yet according to standard his color is not acceptable which i care less trust this :D he's much to my liking and WE r in love :D which i have his brother (littermate) and he too is a knock-out gorgeous speciman and both are of "EXTRME TEMPERAMENT" but with me gentle as lambs and silly as a clown :D i added u on my msn list so feel free connect with me if u like :wink: again i THANK YOU for ur support :D