Comment to 'Attacks on the rise '
  • One thing breeders can do is to insist on doing home checks of where their puppy will be living .This often gives us more infornation than we can gleam from phonecalls and emails etc.I have only had 2 litters in 20 years the last one fortunately,only having 4 pups ,of which I kept 2.One went to someone I had known and had had one of my pups 15 years previously.However the second pup went to someone I did not know at the time,he arrived cash in hand assuming he was going to view and pick up his pup but was not at all offended when I said he could not take the pup until I had visited him in his home.I arrived at his home and all was just what I wanted for my pup although he was a little concerned that he had not told me about his chickens ,I just laughed and said as long as you know if you dont train the dog correctly his chickens would cease to exist.I am happy to say that chickens and dog are all fine and infact as I was typing this I was just sent a text wishing me and the dogs a happy new year him and the dog he even kept the name I had given the pup up to the point of leaving.



    Andy UK