Comment to 'Medicating your dog for air transport'
  • dan, that is exactly one of my worries, you dont know the characters of the carriers, and there are alot of untrustworthy people out there, especially when animals are invovled. the puppy was probably happy just to get the hell out of there into loving hands. And dehydration is important to address as well. I have a family member that is an extreme dog lover, a little self absorbed, but nontheless, a dog lover. many years ago, before airport security was as in depth as it is now, she did not want to crate her dog under the plane, so she lied and said she was blind, wearing glasses with a cane and the whole nine yards. It worked, no background check or anything I guess, her German Shepard was aloud to board. Oh the extremes some dog lovers go to..... What is usually the wait time for the dog before and after the flight, like drop off and pick up?