Comment to 'Montana: Wolves devastate ranchers’ sheep '
  • [quote1320146767=Ragdog]~~ what Cinco has written about in the last post. Is finding them jobs what they where born to do. [/quote1320146767] Very astute observation Richard. Dogs with jobs are normally happy dogs. As it gets a little cooler in South Texas the Coyotes are starting roam again. There is something menacing in their yapping at night though the sound is quite beautifu. Last night several deer jumped the fence and was acting very skittish in the front part of the property. We held the dogs in the back so the deer could stay and feed. I suspect the deer were being chased by a pack of coyotes since they could be heard nearby. This is the time of year when we also have to watch out for packs of wild dogs which love to destroy domestic farm animals.