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That was well said. This reminds me of a customer who was buying a dog from me. He had sent me all of the money for the dog. He had other contacts for me that were beneficial monetary wise for me. He was excited to get his dog. The only thing left to do was pay for the shipping. He was asking for pictures everyday. It was a pup. It was going to change a lot as it matures. He should know this. He had another Presa. The more he talked the more red flags I started to see. I had a conversation with my family. I decided to give his money back. They agreed with me. He called again I told him I spoke with my family and we decided not to sale him a dog. He was going to give me his male Presa. He didn't want to train him for protection. He wanted it to be hot (mean). No one can guarantee that a dog was going to be aggressive and mean with no training. Working dogs should be trained to do what you want and when you want. His male was chained up in his yard. He couldn't send me a pic of him because it was too cold. Well if it was too cold for him it should've been too cold to leave the dog outside. I told him that he doesn't want a Presa. He wants a Fila. I sent him 2500.00 the next day. Never heard from him again. I turned down NFL players from his connections and other men that were in business with him. But I want to make sure my dogs are in the right homes.