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The Old Tyme bulldog is quite new in the canine scene but it’s gaining popularity among bulldog enthusiasts for its robustness and laidback personality. Unlike its more popular cousin, the English Bulldog, the Old Tyme is not recognized by breed organizations. However, the breed is fast becoming a favorite for its docile temperament, loyalty, and adaptability.

The breed retains many of the bulldog characteristics that people come to love, but it remains unique in other aspects which Old Tyme bulldog owners must know so that they can provide the proper care and training it needs to stay fit and healthy.

History of the Breed

The Old Tyme bulldog came into existence due to bulldog enthusiasts wanting to bring back the old-fashioned bulldog that lived two centuries ago which was taller and had a longer muzzle and a smaller head that is proportional to its body.

Today’s bulldog is typically crossed with pugs to make changes in attitude and diminish the breed’s old working role in bear-baiting and dogfighting. This explains why the modern-day bulldog is a thickset low-slung version of the ancient bulldog.

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