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So much Yes, urban households when they properly understand and appreciate a solid working dog can completely utilize the animal. Not only for property deterrent, but as a alarm (barking) when someone is on premise. As someone who travels alone a lot I feel 100% confident when I travel with dog(s). Because not only do ppl give me my desired space, but I am confident that If something happened I can use my dogs as a means to escape. Sending a dog at a intruder and/or just to ward off a possible theft. A dog tends to make the person pause.

BUUUUUUT, the problem is far too many elect to purchase a dog that doesn't fit their lifestyle or they just don't have the knowledge/understanding to contain, handle and train such animals. Which is why so many end up on the streets or shelter. We as breeders and enthusiast need to take the time to address this, turn away the wrong homes and send them in the right direction. It can't always be about the sale.