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    • This is my "bull arab", Winnie. I say "" because the reality is this lineage has been bred by my family/friends-of-family since before the bull arab existed, but around a similar time. My grandfather's 2nd husband (not my grandfather) was a contemporary of the creator of the bullarab, and was breeding a similar lineage around the same time. An uncle of mine was as well, but his lineage went extinct. My cousin (a hunter) has since inherited the lineage from my grandmother's (late) second husband, and he now calls them "bull arabs" for convenience sake, but its not strictly true, and it is possible the creator is spinning in his grave over the fact his dogs are being named after someone else's line. In truth there are hundreds of "pig dog" lineages in Australia and many of them date back to the 1970s. Those without a name are more likely to be legit, because the only reason they get bred is to work.

      • Hi @Tony completely agree that Australia has many great hog dogs of different ilk. It is great to see your Bull Arab.

        Do you work her on hogs. That story would be a fantastic read.

        I am interested if you have access to any of the unnamed working dogs or their breeders/owners.

        What you describe in the last sentence is the true meaning function over form.

        Good to have you here for 20 years.

        • Winnie hasn't actually seen any hogs since I got her. I currently live in the city and though I take her into the wilderness to run free basically every day, we are "hunting" only hares, foxes, quails, turkeys, wallabies, kangaroos, MAYBE deer on rare occassions. No hogs around here. I got her when she was about 4 months old and she was already being introduced to some pigs as a puppy, tagging along on hunts, but my cousin (who hunts pigs and breeds this line) was fined for having too many dogs and had to get rid of some, so I took this one off his hands. She's a pet but one that stays active in the outdoors and gets to exercise all her natural urges and instincts. Also a pet from very very serious working lines.

          That said I know a good deal about all the named and unnamed lines of Aussie pig dogs, know many of the most noteworthy breeders and have a fairly solid understanding on the history of the scene here. It's in in my blood, grew up around it and also have taken the time to go the extra yard and do a lot of research on the topic. That's the history of pig dogs in Australia, and the history of "boarhounds" and "bulldogs" going back to Ancient times. Like you this is my passion!

          edit- shoutbox isn't working great for me, says "connection failed" and I can't click on the box? Might be a "me" problem.

          • Thank you so much for this Tony. There are some hog hunters where I live in South Texas and when I get back from Saudi Arabia I intend to visit and learn from them to round out my knowledge on the theoretical side. I have hunted hogs in Texas but it is always with long guns and the placed I hunted did not allow dogs. Many of the farmers on the flatlands do like hog dogging because the hogs destroy their crops.

            I look forward to learning more from you.

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