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UKC Premier June 21-24 in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

This annual event features thousands of dog entries, generally representing over 150 different breeds. At UKCs PREMIER Dog Show, expect to find UKC conformation and performance events. PREMIER is the forum for UKC to showcase their philosophy of the Total Dog, in which a dog should not only have the beauty necessary for the traditional show ring but also the ability to perform the functions and duties for which its breed was originally created. More info...

    • I'm in Michigan next weekend. If it were the same weekend I could've brought a dog with me.

      • "To earn a coveted Total Dog award at PREMIER, dogs must place in a conformation and performance event during the weekend, which proves them as social and athletic companions who also fit their breed standards. Due to this focus on active, capable canines as representations of their breed, the UKC PREMIER Dog Show, which began in 1994, is regarded by many as a benchmark event for dog enthusiasts seeking to compete among the best in the world of competitive dog events. Spectators are welcome to attend this annual event!" ibid.


        • I have been to several of the Premier shows. Some awesome dogs there. The protection sports are first class.

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