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Hi, My name is Anya,

I have had a hard time deciding what to do with my life as I have always been clever and adaptable. I have recently decided that I would like to be a vet, and specialize in large animals (bovine and equine maybe?). I currently live in an apartment, however I intend this to be a short-lived endeavor, as I have a partner that is going to get a welding certificate this year, change jobs, and then we will start looking to save and get a house and a decent plot of land. I love animals. I have some hobbies outside of them, but they are mostly photography and artsy craftsy type stuff. 

Meet the doggos

I am very new to owning molosser dogs( I mean sorta, my last dog was a leonberger) My recent one, an Armenian Gampr named Ava, I ended up getting because my uncle bred his Gampr(plural) a few times, and My father brought one home, being a working breed who was left unattended, she very quickly grew large, and destructive(Chomp chomp there goes an antique table!) as such, she had been spending a lot of kennel time, which left her to long stints of barking and general boredom behavior. I convinced him that I have a little more time(less space but definitely more time) and he parted with her, she is now a year old, and very much my dog. She has some extremely interesting behavior that as I read more and more, I realize are all very normal behaviors to her breed.  

I also have a Cattle Dog/Mini Aussie named sunny, and having a companion has served to really chill my gampr out quite a bit. They take daily trips to our local dog park, which also helps ;) They both together, have started to herd my cats into the kitchen(which for some reason is where they have assumed they belong?) Sunny is quite the clown, which serves to make them both fantastic companion animals.