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Nice. I couldn't tell what that was that was used. He would give the dog a bite. What was being used for the bite?

Look like this pup is loving the attention. I wonder what on this dog's mind 🤔

Very nice. I love this pic

Interesting. I asked this question because I really wanted to know. I can accept your theory. Years ago a guy wanted to buy a Presa from me. I refused to sell it to him. I knew he could still buy one from someone else. He wanted to breed it to a Cane Corso. 2 breeds with a similar look a similar temperament. He couldn't tell me why he wanted to do this. What was the purpose. What would be the purpose for the dog. What would make the dog that he was going to produce special. He wanted a large guard dog. He would get a large Guardian with either of these breeds without crossing them. But I had other common breeds growing up. I've bred Rottweilers. I eventually began breeding American Bulldogs because I loved the temperament. I got interested in them because no one had them. It was different. My Rottweiler could protect my family well. But I didn't believe it would stand up against a wild boar. Even if it did I didn't believe it would be successful. From this point on I liked rare breeds. I was looking in Dog World. I came across a picture of the Presa Canario. I refused to look at them long knowing I would start to research the breed. I'd see the pictures of Show Stoppers dogs and quickly turn the page. But one day I decided to take a good look. I got more interested. I did more and more research. Then I looked at other breeds such as Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, South African Boerbol, etc. I got down between 2 breeds the Dogo Argentino and the Presa Canario. Because of the deafness gene in white dogs I chose the Presa. I was leaning toward the Dogo. But I comfortable in my decision that I didn't have any regrets. I was interested in the Caucasian too. But I didn't want another long hair dog. I loved the temperament of the breed. I had long hair dogs before. I looked at their coats and though not being sure if the Midwest humidity and heat would be hard on them. So decided that I would stick with my decision not to get another long hair dog.

Love this dogs markings.

Love the name Mr Cupcakes. How did you come up with the name?

Was this dog used to guard livestock? How was it at doing its job?

This is one of my favorite breeds. I saw a few at a dog show once. I think it was an IABC show. Wonderful. The dogs were regal. But some dog did something that one of the dogs didn't like. Then all of the Caucasian responded with bad intentions for that dog. The owners calmly maintained their composure. The dogs quickly calmed down. I was very impressed. I wanted to know more about the breed. Initially I thought the owner was going to have a hard time. These dogs were going to be impossible to restrain. But they weren't. They didn't drag anyone. They responded to the calm nature of their owners or handlers. They appeared as though they were never bothered.

Has anyone of you witnessed thus breed working in personal protection? I'd be interested in seeing this.

Interesting. I have never heard of this breed. I wonder how this working breed used to hunt boars but are dog aggressive. I've never done hog hunting. I've been invited. I thought that hog hunting you want your dog not to be dog aggressive. 🤔

You are my best friend

Awesome 👌🏽

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