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The love we have for our dogs. That’s real love. Giving your life for another

Unfortunately this is the truth. It doesn’t have to be across the country. It happens in your backyard. I personally know of a dog that was sold as a pet. I know the breeder. We aren’t friends but she is ethical. A guy called me wanting to breed to my male. I asked some questions. I knew who he said was the breeder. He said that she’s never been bred. I met him. I knew the dog had been bred. I saw the dog was pet quality. I called the breeder up. She told me he wasn’t supposed to breed the dog. He hung papers on it. She said for me to take that dog from him. Give it back to her. I know she give an honest critique of her dogs. But it wasn’t my place to get that involved. I never heard from him again. I don’t know if she ever recovered the dog.

I doubt if many breeder will focus on the dogs working traits over their appearance. There is too much money to be made. I call them puppy peddlers. Many do not know or care what the standards are. They breed for size or rare colors. They can sell an exaggerated size dog and tell the uninformed public they’re supposed to be this way. They sell rare colors and exotic marking as rare and unique. Again the public believes that they are get something special and are foolishly paying more for that dog. If they only knew it a pet quality dog. It still may be a great dog but it has disqualifying faults. The lure of making $1000 or more off of this their prized pet and now money maker and dreams they will breed it.

Interesting. I haven’t heard of small pups bringing in rabies. Is there a study on this?

I believe that it has more to do with diet. Many of the foods that dogs are fed are carcinogenic. The dyes and other ingredients are not meant for consumption. Most can't be digested by dogs. I know a breeder that had several dogs that died of cancer. The breeder stopped feeding kibble. She began feeding raw. Since feeding raw her dogs are healthier and no cancer in her dogs. Dog food companies control the industry that set the standards for what are considered healthy kibble. 🤔

I recall once I was at a vet. There was an event that I got my dogs hips exrayed for a low price. I think they microchiped them too. This woman said I had some great dogs. Then she said I know. I judge them. Those are very nice Cane Corso. I said these are Presa Canario. Then she looked over my dogs oh yeah. They are Presas. I thought to myself. She judges them. She doesn't recognize the breed that she supposedly judges. Before she she mislabeled the breed. I told her that they were champions, best of breed.

I’ve never been to a ARBA show. I have been to the IABC show. Actually, I prefer them over UKC or AKC. The dog is not competing with another dog to earn a title. If your dog meets the standard for the breed it can earn a title. You can earn National and International titles. Also get an evaluation of your kennel with best family dog. That looks at several generations of dogs in your kennel. They use AKC and other organizations judges. Handlers can learn how to show a dog in these events. You get a written critique of your dog from each judge.

I love this. We all need to remember these things. Our dogs depend on us for everything. It may not seem that hot to us. But to a dog it can be extremely hot. Pay attention to the sign. Prepare to address the heat without the signs.

Personally I have been on both sides. I was strictly working dogs. Speaking negative things about showing dogs. I've heard the claim that they were only producing pretty dogs. My dogs can win but I don't have time to show. While I now compete in the show ring I don't call my dogs show dogs. They don't have show careers. I don't enter them in show after show. I get an impartial judge that says my dog meet the standard for my breed. I also compete in a variety of working dogs events. I don't emphasize show dogs over working dogs. My dogs are working dogs. That's the purpose of the breed. The term working dog can mean a variety of things. I believed in my youth that it was bite work. But I've learned that it can be obedience, herding, hunting, racing and much more. Dogs are much happier doing things that they were bred to do and other things that stimulate them.

Well thought out and written. Personally I don’t blame AKC but I do believe they share a portion of the responsibility in this. I put most of the blame on the enthusiasts. I believe they have taken the importance off function and made it about aesthetics. That coupled with greed from the potential profiting from creating the impossible perfect canine. I have heard many times from many puppy peddlers and have seen it all over their websites. Their interest is in improving the breed. To imply that you want to improve the breed speaks volumes. It says that there is something wrong with the breed and it needs to be amended. I and I alone is going to create the perfect dog. On the other hand the work dog clubs, etc equally are the problem. This community often will breed anything trying to create the impossible perfect working dog. Their ideal of the perfect dog will change urge the wind. The create excessive size to undersized dogs. The inbreed until the dogs produce small litter or no litters at all. The dog becomes infertile.

These two groups should realize the dog is perfectly flawed. It doesn’t need to be improved. The only thing they they will do is to exaggerate the problem with puppy peddlers. Every dog has flaws. You can’t breed the flaws out. No line will produce the perfect show or working dog. This has been proven time and time again. The so called working line does not guarantee that a new pup will be a great working dog. Neither does a so called show line won’t guarantee that the new pup will be best in show.

I tried to enlarge it. Trying to see the dog or what breed of dog.

What do you mean Google doesn't know everything??? 🤔 lol 😂

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