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It is a custom lead that has buckles to which you can attach other leads.

I still have it so will find it and get a photo uploaded.

This is the best explanation of the history of feeding domestic dogs I have read. Gret post and very informative.

@feerrios  yes, very misleading indeed.

Problem is that most people will click on that video out of curiosity and probably just accept it as fact.

I am glad you posted it so we can have some decent comments and see what content creators are saying.

When we see things like this it's good to challenge it. Thanks for sharing.

Preserving the breed's health and future is great but no where in that announcement was form and function mentioned. I do hope the Parent Club take it seriously and work vigorously to protect the breed's function and form.

@eliteguardianpresa works and trains his dogs and is a great steward of the breed. Please stay true to the breed and don't let the new found popularity pull you down the money trail.

@mastini-mayhem knows the pressure that the recognition can put on breeders and the dogs. 🐕

Congratulations to our fanciers on the recognition by the .

Yes sir. Timber wolves are no joke. Serious animals especially in a pack.

@Kevin and Debby Nicholson thanks for sharing this. The wolves don't seem afraid as the one on the ground xontinue eating and the others are trying.

Would be a different story if that male had help from other .

Hello Polina - I hope all is well.

Still very nice. Yours?

That is awesome. They are usually difficult to rescue. You did a wonderful thing.

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