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This is an entertaining and informative video. Enjoy

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Fantastic photo Char - as usual you capture the essence of subject. Beautiful dog :)

This blog by Gary Wilkes is very informative. Check it out.

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I got an article popped up in my news search robot today and in reading through it, it seems that the author was on a rant about another author who wrote about "treat training doesn't work". So I did a quick search and found what may be the article and read that also. What bothered me about the criticism the most is that the author seem to challenge assertations of the original article because the credentials of the author and references were not provided.

I do not believe the credentials and references are any basis for refuting the the validity of the article. That should be done with counter points to the positions proposed by the original author.

If I wanted to know about the use of dogs to hunt Racoons, I would take the word of a Cajun Coon Hunter (who may also be a vet) :) rather than a vet or some peer reviewed papers.

What are your thoughts.

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Clinton looks chilled. Just chilling.

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