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This is group if for the discussion and information related to feeding a raw diet to your dogs (ok cats too).  Please join this group and post your questions, suggestions, experiences, or other information regarding the various models of a raw diet. The Raw diet typically consists of:

  • Muscle meat, often still on the bone
  • Bones, either whole or ground
  • Organ meats such as livers and kidneys
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and celery
  • Apples or other fruit
  • Some dairy, such as yogurt

So, let us discuss the pros and cons of the raw diet. The good and the bad.  Lets hear it.

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    • We have fed a raw diet since 2000 and our dogs are very healthy and long lived. The oldest of the Caucasian Ovcharka was pts at 16 1/2 years old.  Will only feed kibble if I can no longer afford feeding raw.

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      Does anyone have a good recipe for the use of Pork Neck Bones in a raw diet. We have been feeding chicken and beef for a while now and are thinking of introducing some pork to the menu. Please post your idea.
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