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<p>The kennel "Ruski Izvor" wishes to thank you all for your attention and interest for these noble and extremely interesting breeds. We are going to do our best here to present to you these breeds in true colours and by this means help you to get to know them as well as possible. Once you know them - we are sure you'll love love.</p>
<p>The Caucasians don't count into unknown or rare breeds in Serbia. Something else is considered to be a problem with the breeders and fans of the breed - and that is the question: "What should a real Caucasian be like?" We hope to help you in finding an answer to this question, reading the articles we prepared for you.</p>
<p>The breeding kennel "Ruski Izvor" (FCI 4160) is into breeding of the Caucasian & Central Asian shepherd dog.</p>
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