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  • Can't wait to hear your story.

    Im finding these serious shepherd breeds completely fascinating. They are unlike anything I've ever known and take a great deal of understanding and observation. You have to put them in the context of "livestock and predator" rather than "pet and master"....not terribly sure they would make very good "pets" as such but there it is. However even discovering little things like that they are more or less fully nocturnal is very very helpful. Think like a wolf and you're half way there ha ha.

    """Wolf Hunting Tactics. Wolves are primarily nocturnal animals that avoid the heat of day. They generally commence hunting at dusk. Wolves detect prey by three primary means, sent (most common), tracking, and chance encounters.""""""

    My godson and nephew Im happy to report got out of here without mishap yesterday, leaving for Bali then onto the UK. There was another close shave however which did upset me quite a lot. I almost got angry but you can't can you, nephews are otherwise so sweet and loyal.

    He went for an early morning three hour hike in the big hills which are so lovely around here, unfortunately I was busy at the time so wasn't around to warn him to phone ahead on his return so I could get him back safely in. So realising what a marvellous invention the mobile/cell phone is I sent him a TEX message instead, telling him rather urgently to phone me when he got back instead of just coming straight in the gate..... Yes you guessed it he came straight in and the male gave him the fright of his life. Yet again! The dog was so loud I heard it from my study. When I got there (100-meter sprint) he was leering over my dear nephews shaking body, three times the size, hair on end gurgling the most horrific growl. Almost at the same time his tail began to wag but it wasn't convincing enough for me as the sound effects were still in full tilt. To be honest I wasn't sure if the dog was wagging it's tail triumphantly at me rather than recognising dear nephew at last. So I very calmly told nephew to slowly roll away, forget his backpack, back up and get to the door while I took hold of rabid doggies collar, this gave him enough time to make the font door and close it. Honestly!!!! And yes he had read my message, but thought the world was at peace as he couldn't hear any barking and and and.

    There's no accounting for nephews stupidity none at all, doctorate in theoretical science and all, it certainly doesn't run in the family I can assure you.

    Females BTW didn't even get up from the shade, though I noticed while I was hanging on to the dog that one was wagging it's tail from under a low shrub. Again everything was indeed at peace and the dog was quite happy for cuddles not five minutes later. Nephew went and sat next to him and ate his breakfast on the terrace.  

    Yes Im pleased to say, courage is certainly at least one of our families traits the nephew has definitely inherited