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  • Oooops thought I had some nice pictures for you but they all came out huge and upside down! Will try again.

    I wasn't sure if I should start another thread "Wildest middle East", but I have a question for everyone, or anyone. There has been a nature documentary series I've been watching on TV called "Wildest Middle East", set in Turkey, Egypt, Arabia and Jordan. Think it's a few years old, anyway there is footage of two beautiful dogs walking with a man over some dune like scrub. Big boned lovely looking rangy LGDs type dogs which Im very keen to find out more about. Im dying to know what type they are or where they were filmed.

    I started watching the series primarily because I saw the dogs but due to quite an erratic and heavy work travel schedule must have missed one or two, certainly the episode that might've actually featured them. Think they appeared in the weekly trailer or that bit before each programme.

    Im assuming they were Turkish rather than from the other areas covered but I've been researching and can't find any dogs on the web that look like those dogs in Turkey. They have a longer (though flattish) coat and certainly more tail etc feathering than anything Turkish that I've found anyway. Could be of course they were imported from somewhere else in the idea. Turkey is of course also surrounded by Georgia, Armenia, Iran Iraq, Syria etc.

    If anyone knows I would be very interested. Thanks. I have been keeping an eye to buy the series but so far haven't found it for sale. Might have to get it on the net if I can't solve the mystery....