Comment to 'Do female dogs have a different style of guarding '
  • That's so exciting Gary! I've loved chickens ever since I was a toddler. My first was a lovely bright yellow chick from the pet shop which turned into a magnificent giant white cockerel. Love the smell of baby chicks. Holding thumbs the dogs take to them and keep the predators away. Everything likes chicken it seems. We don't have as a result, it's virtually impossible. Small genets seem the worst offenders, they climb very well spending a great deal of time in trees in fact, drop out of trees, dig deep tunnels, get under rooves, through the smallest hole and are completely nocturnal.

    My brother bought some guinea fowl recently and his dogs chased them up a tree, they can fly so the tree they went into was three kilomters away near the neighbours dam. He sometimes hears them in the evening but isn't sure anymore. Shame they weren't the wild kind we get around here but lovely plump birds in shades of powder blue with beutiful white spots. Gunea fowl have no brains unfortunately, completely daft and prefer to sleep outside but the sound they make when roosting is so truly African I love em.