Comment to 'Boerboel / Presa'
Comment to Boerboel / Presa
  • Hmm wolfie, the good presa is maybe hard to find in the uk, but thats also where the very best ones are. Theres a lot of crap everywhere but if you want a real deal hardcore working presa, then the uk is the place to look. If anything, you may not qualify to get one of the real ones because it is really hard to obtain a presa from top working security folks in the uk without knowing them and having experience and other qualifications, but it can be done. Just ignore the "breeders" and look for security professionals. I dont know enough good breeders of boerboels to recommend anyone specific, but i do know that you have to be even more careful and thorough when looking for good boerboels than when looking for good presas. Be careful because many boerboels are 1st gen pit/oem crosses, scatterbred bullmastiff mutts and non working quality curs, so really try hard to get good with respectable working people that can put you in contact with someone who has real purebred working boerboels before falling for some pet/show breeder's fancy website. Good luck with whatever you choose.