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Boerboel / Presa

Hmm wolfie, the good presa is maybe hard to find in the uk, but thats also where the very best ones are. Theres a lot of crap everywhere but if you want a real deal hardcore working presa, then the uk is the place to look. If anything, you may not qualify to get one of the real ones because it is really hard to obtain a presa from top working security folks in the uk without knowing them and having experience and other qualifications, but it can be done. Just ignore the "breeders" and look for security professionals. I dont know enough good breeders of boerboels to recommend anyone specific, but i do know that you have to be even more careful and thorough when looking for good boerboels than when looking for good presas. Be careful because many boerboels are 1st gen pit/oem crosses, scatterbred bullmastiff mutts and non working quality curs, so really try hard to get good with respectable working people that can put you in contact with someone who has real purebred working boerboels before falling for some pet/show breeder's fancy website. Good luck with whatever you choose.
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    • After carefulconsideration I have chosen the Boerboel. For seveal reasons. Mainly that a good Presa in the Uk is very hard to find. Guardians that can not guard are not my cup of tea. And there are somany like that in th Uk that the Genetic pool is being ruined in the Presa! Anymore info on Boerboels? I will keep you posted
      • Thanks for your reply. Yes you are quite correct - there is really one main producer of working Presa's. But I am not sure these are suitable for your average family. I have been told this by them and others too. The Boerboel does seem to be less owned by the "Hoodies!" Presa pupss are all over epups etc - whereas it is not the same with the Boerboels.
        • hi there. just my small input. I have a 12m old 117lbs Boerboel male that comes into my shop. They got him from www.powerboerboels.com (New Jersey, USA) they do not care about comformation. They focus on STRENGTH, INTELLIGENCE, COURAGE, AND LOYALTY. This guy is a big LUG. Very attentive but very sweet and loving. The foundation Male was imported from South America and their main Bitch is from Proffers kennel here is USA. As for Presa...I do not know that much about them but just wanted to share the info on the Boerboel. have a good day!
          • real workingtype Boerboel in Belgium.... http://users.skynet.be/maklikreg.boerboels/
            • Its important to do the research. Short coated breeds, presa rott..etc. Are good personal protection dogs. Due to that they stay by your side. There is no best dog. Just what are you are going to use them for. And finding the right individual for the job. Caucasians and other livestock guardian breeds have an independent nature.Which has been stated before on this site. And require different type of training. I might be generalizing, but others may chime in. Here is some food for thought on having a guard dog:[link=hyperlink url][/link]//www. rottweiler-int.com/puppies.html[link=hyperlink url][/link] Richard
              • the guy ask for an advice.not opinioin about what breed breed you like the most. mr ant. want to discuss presa/dogo start a new tread. there are more kwnoledgable people here than you can imagine. try to blend in pal. you just join the site like 5 days ago and you actualy think you are the the new kid in town.give me a break.
                • Douschebaggery.... it's a term I recently heard and I think it applies here.
                  • i think that both breeds are good dogs for the job.any good bred boerboel or presa will do his job traind or not. years of selective breeding makes them do it naturally. for example my 3 year old bb is kept as pet he is friendly to everyone and social to other dogs too. if i say its ok he is fine with that and stay relaxed.but if someone screams at me or make strange movements he is ready to protect me in less then a second.when i am home you can just walk in and he maybe like you or not but he stays relax
                    • but if you try gettimg in when i am not home,GoodLuck! sorry fo my bad english
                      • [html] Thanks for the very helpful and informative replies.Unfortunately it went slightly off topic but the last post brings the original question back nicely.There are many knowlegable people with invaluable experience on this forum that can be extremely helpful to potential owners making a choice of which breed is suitable. And although it is difficult to generalise you will see certain traits re occur is owners accounts of their breed.For me the Boerboel has the edge but this is my own personal preference. [/html]
                        • Lillasophe - you are doing the correct thing, asking lots of questions, prior to purchasing a pup. It is very difficult for any one to give you the answers you desire. Sometimes it is easier to know, what you must AVOID. As explained by Igmusta - showlines of any kind - as clearly these are breed with appearance in mind. Even if the breeder claims the breed is a natural guardian and when you need it it will guard. The fact is the pups are products of their genes and will have those traits their parentage had. That said you may still get pups unsuitable as guards even with the best parents! If I use an example of some dogs I have known - one of the best guard dogs was a Bullmastiff - great with kids and obedient etc but a REAL guardian. This dog was like the real old type Bullmastiff as this breed was originally bred to be able to effectively deal with a real - life or death situation and protect it's owner at all costs. However it would probably finish last in a Bullmastiff dog show. And so was never used at stud and therefore these outstanding genes have not been passed on. I have also known some Bullmastiffs who are hopeless guards or even watchdogs. Several which have done nothing when real life situatons have presented themselves and the dogs have failed miserably - But they were great at dog shows and therfore were used as Stud dogs repeatedly! So more often than not these are the foundations for this breed in the UK. That is the problem with generalisations I suppose. Every breeder has a different notion of what is important and how they prioritise these qualities. So it is not so much the BREED but the Lines within the breed.
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