Comment to 'Boerboel / Presa'
Comment to Boerboel / Presa
  • thought i would put up the info on both the presa and the caucasian ovcharka. i hate people when they dont listen. i LOVE presa canario, they are fantastic dogs, but you will always get bad in some no matter what bloodline, my male must have been bad. very dog aggressive, would bark now and agian at strangers but as soon as you let him out, he was basically just playuful. i will just state a fact all i wanted was a guard dog not an attack dog. theres no point me having a presa canario and learn it to attack on the arm like all the vids on youtube when i dont do security work or the like. i am not putting presas down, they are good guard dogs in their own way. but i stated i wanted a good guard dog for the home. which the cauacasian shepherd is supposed to be the best. read the temprements on both dogs