Comment to 'Estrela Mountain Dog'
  • [quote=wolfie]Good pic - Proof they are not extinct! Gsicard did you take this pic? Any more pics/ info about this wonderful breed?[/quote] No, they're not extinct :) It's a quite popular breed in Portugal and has some serious fans outside of it! You have a very good example in the USA, of a true fancier and lover of the breed - TrailsEnd Estrela! Comparing with the CO, they're a lighter! They're not so light-triger and will turn off more easily. Personally, I consider them the same as the Sarpla! Body wise and temperament wise! The breed has suffered - IN MY OPINION - in this last years with the entering in the show-world! Dogs started to be bred according to their morphology and to softer temperaments. Plus, with this many old breeders, started quiting the breed as they got old/died. Another sad things is that nowadays many Estrelas are much lightter (bone and head especially) than the true and old type! Sad ... You can check the MolosserDogs Gallery and see some nice dogs of both types! Even tought we're seing a good comeback of the old type! We're are you located? If in the USA, I would advise you to contact Cindy Marthisius of TrailsendEstrela, that is a great fancier and breeder of the breed. If you're in England or in the Nordic countries, there're some good dogs over there, but I would advise extra carefull. And as anythig, there's nothing - if you have the chance - to visit a few breeders or working dogs to get an idea! Nanci from Portugal