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Estrela Mountain Dog


I had and have some experience with estrela mountain dog. being Portuguese i had alot of contact of dogs of that breed. i don´t know CO so well but i think estrela is not so sharp in showing aggression towards strangers. when he is outside is territory is pretty quiet and relaxed dog. these dogs are used in protection of flocks crossing small villages so that kind of aggression is not desirable. he knows what he has to protect and they are very intelligent dogs. to give an example some years ago i was working has a musher for a guy that had a kennel of 30 sled dogs most of them kept in chains males and females. that kennel was in estrela mountain and during winter those dogs would work on a ski resort. there i meet the most impressive Serra i ever saw, he was big and beautiful he had lost an eye during a fight with a wild pig.

he was alowed to roam the place where the sled dogs were setup during all of the year. this kind of kennel did not had walls or fence so anybody could enter the land and he could go whenever he wanted 24/7 the sled dogs were chained in this land and he had full freedom to do whatever he wanted. he knew which people was allowed to go inside of this place, never fought another dog or caused unnecessary problems he would be the first to bark at the approach of strangers of HIS land and would show that they are not welcomed. but would not chased them if they are outside is territory, but he could. the owner lived 2 km away from this land. but he usually sitck around most of the day there, protecting other dogs and all things inside . he never let anyone inside except if the owner or somebody that he knew was present. and you had to be crazy to go inside with him standing and guarding.

he died at the age of 12 years old living a life of freedom. and that was a great dog. they like to bark specially during at night at any strange sound they ear. they are pretty ok with other dogs. you can see a lot of estrela dogs in estrela mountain, pure breeds and crossbreeds in his place of origin in small villages walking around in the streets. so this breed is not so aggressive has others LGD breeds. but it does his job perfectly. i hope i´ve helped. :D

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    • It is quite difficult to find hands-on information regarding this breed. I have searched the Uk for LDG breeders and they are few and far between. The " Estrela Mountain Dog" is is one of the few LGD breeds that are bred in the Uk. Does anyone have experience adn compare the temperament to other LGD like say the CO. Thanks Wolfie
      • Go to www.trailsendestrela.com for starters. PM the MolosserDogs member Estrela for more info.
        • Many thanks sbates. Anyone else have any experience with this breed?
          • breed is not so agressive has others LGD breeds. but it does his job perfectly. i hope i´ve helped. :D

            • Thanks Rui - That is a great example. I have heard similar to what you describe - that they are similar to a Co only not so intense. Perhaps more similar to a Sarpaninac? Any other examples would be appreciated. Many thanks
              • I responded to your PM wolfie. Take care Cindy@TE
                • Wolfie, Cindy (Estrela) is your best source of information. Good luck.
                  • Sorry Wolfie i am a little late and i wanted to send you to Estrela :D for info bit i see you already have found her :D I dont have further experience with the estrela. But like you know you can always PM me :D Good luck with your search.
                    • Thanks guys for your help and advice. I have spoken to a Uk breeder and these dogs sound outstanding! Could this be the one? Any more info/experiences appreciated. This site really does have a wide range of experts - in abundance! Many thanks Wolfie
                          • Which breeder have you spoken to? Pm me. Cindy@TE
                            • Rui many thanks for those links - They are fantastic, so informative! Very impressive. Any more info folks - keep it comin' ! Cindy I shall PM you.
                              • No more info about this great breed? Are we about done here? Is the tank empty? I know this breed is rare but not extinct? LOL :D Or (Hopefully) there are more little nuggats of Estrela info/experiences hiding out there? From what I can see this is a breed with outstanding traits. A less extreme version of an ovcharka? Fair to say? Yes/no?
                                • I can't comment on the balcan's dogs, as I never saw one. But I have a small experience with the Estrela Montain dog, as I'm portuguese and my uncle always had some at his farm. As few of you know there is 2 types of EMD the long hair the most common, and the one that has been exported, and the short hair one, much rare. The 2 types had in the past different proposes, the long hair were use as home guardian, because of its massive aperance provoked by the hair. The short hair were use to help the shepperd on the montain, as it is ligther and more agille than its brother. Today the EMD is most use as house guardian as there is very few shepperds on the montains, this is a very confident dog, calm at his owner presence but with a great gardian instinct on his own. During the 70´s were normal to mix the EMD with German Shepperds, there some of the reasons there is some dogs considered pure with darker colours. In my opinion the bests breeders of the breed still in Portugal, as it is becoming one of the most popular breeds in the country I'm affraid we will lose most of the quality.
                                  • A very beautiful breed indeed! I have a soft spot for this breed as well. I found this Crufts 2008 video from a smooth haired Estrela owned by portugese kenne http://www.alpetratinia.net:94/news.htm Check out [url=http://www.eurobreeder.com/breeds/cao_da_serra_da_estrela.html]Eurobreeder[/url] for more very interesting Estrela kennels in Europe
                                    • Thanks for the replies. They are very helpful. I have researched many guardian breeds and many are unsuitable for various reasons. But this breed seems to have so many excellent qualities that it is strange that it is so rare? Perhaps part of what makes it so good is the very fact that it is still RARE?
                                      • Good pic - Proof they are not extinct! Gsicard did you take this pic? Any more pics/ info about this wonderful breed?
                                          • Thanks WOLF - THE MORE I RESEARCH THIS BREED THE MORE I like it!
                                            • [quote=wolfie]Gsicard did you take this pic?[/quote] Yes Wolfie. I was behind the camera for this photo. You can look in the Gallery for more.
                                              • [quote=wolfie]Good pic - Proof they are not extinct! Gsicard did you take this pic? Any more pics/ info about this wonderful breed?[/quote] No, they're not extinct :) It's a quite popular breed in Portugal and has some serious fans outside of it! You have a very good example in the USA, of a true fancier and lover of the breed - TrailsEnd Estrela! Comparing with the CO, they're a lighter! They're not so light-triger and will turn off more easily. Personally, I consider them the same as the Sarpla! Body wise and temperament wise! The breed has suffered - IN MY OPINION - in this last years with the entering in the show-world! Dogs started to be bred according to their morphology and to softer temperaments. Plus, with this many old breeders, started quiting the breed as they got old/died. Another sad things is that nowadays many Estrelas are much lightter (bone and head especially) than the true and old type! Sad ... You can check the MolosserDogs Gallery and see some nice dogs of both types! Even tought we're seing a good comeback of the old type! We're are you located? If in the USA, I would advise you to contact Cindy Marthisius of TrailsendEstrela, that is a great fancier and breeder of the breed. If you're in England or in the Nordic countries, there're some good dogs over there, but I would advise extra carefull. And as anythig, there's nothing - if you have the chance - to visit a few breeders or working dogs to get an idea! Nanci from Portugal
                                                • And I would like to add one more thing .. Unlike the Pyrenean or the Marrema, the Estrela was never used only as a LGD. He was indeed (and still is) used as a LGD, living with the flock again, protecting it against thiefs, predators (wolfs, bears, stray dogs ..) but he was also used as a guardian and protection dog of farms. This is another point that gets him closer to the CO and to the Sarpla, and a little away of the white LGDs
                                                  • [size=12]I stumbled accross this while cleaning up my computer and moving a photo gallery. It is an old ad that was placed by in Dog World Magazine a few years ago. If you are in the USA and are looking for an Estrela Mountain Dog then please check out [link=http://trailsendestrela.com]Trailsend Estrela[/link][/size]
                                                    • :-) I still have that psd around somewhere,,,,never throw anything away! .:Cindy
                                                      • [quote1240107441=Caoserradaestrela] Unlike the Pyrenean or the Marrema, the Estrela was never used only as a LGD.[/quote1240107441][size=12]It is very difficult to find any breed that was used for only one function. Their grouping is primarily based on their main purpose - the reason they were developed. You will find great similarities of structure and temperament accross all the LGDs because guarding livestock was their primary function. [/size]
                                                        • Does anyone know who owns that Beautiful CO Tara Darling She's absolutely gorgeous
                                                          • Tara Darling is the photographer,, the CO is Julius,....... and he 'lives' here. He is owned by Gary 'Admin' Sicard.
                                                            • Yep, that is Julius. [size=14]The little puppy looking up at Caesar is indeed Julius.Photo taken at the house in Italy in 1999[/size]
                                                              • What A BIG Boy!!! Scarlette
                                                                • Wow - it is soooo good to go back and read some of the old forum posts on here. Very nostalgic.

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