Comment to 'Original TMs'
Comment to Original TMs
  • From the old text - The Mastiff Type [quote=Mr. Bennet]... the Thibet mastiff is bred on the Himalaya mountains, on the borders of Thibet, for the purpose of guarding the flocks and the women who attend them. They are the watch dogs of the plateau, and guard the women and homesteads while the Bhotans are away on their trading excursions. Mr. Bennet stated that these dogs are the defenders of almost every considerable mansion in Thibet and that he had to pass by a row of wooden cages containing a number of them, when on an embassy to the court of Tesloo Llama in Thibet, and that they were so savage that it was unsafe to approach them.Some years ago I met with a gentlemen who had seen many of these dogs brought down to Calcutta for sale by the Bhotans, and he said that they resembled Newfoundlands far more than English mastiffs, and that the heads of all the specimens that he saw were pointed and wolfish. In colour they were generally of a dusky black, with light tan paws, that some were a kind of dun approaching to fawn, and that they stood not above 27 or 28 inches at shoulder, and in his opinion, had little claim to be considered mastiffs.[/quote] Any thoughts on this quote from over a hundred years ago?