Comment to 'Original TMs'
Comment to Original TMs
  • [quote=TMmum]Times have changed, attitudes and family status have changed when it comes to dogs of all breeds. Jobs for which breeds were bred 100+ years ago are no longer in need. Many MANY breeds are taking up the job of housedog/ companion as apposed to guardian/hunting/retrieving/ ect... While to see a dog doing what it was bred to do initially is great to see, honestly a dog so fierce that no one could approach it safely is in no way desirable in todays day in age. Thats just my feelings on it.[/quote]That's all fine and understandable. My only question would be, WHY get a TM then? I mean, why not go for a Golden Retriever or a Newfie perhaps? I hear Bernese Mountaindogs are big, fluffy and nice companions. Why did you choose a TM? Just curious. :) Gary, the quoted passage of Mr. Bennet reminds me of this dog... resembling more the type of today's Sar rather than today's TM...;)