Comment to 'Original TMs'
Comment to Original TMs
  • [quote=TMmum]I have no idea as to why I have to answer my reasoning for getting a TM based on what I said.[/quote]Why so defensive?! I just asked politely and even included a smiley. :) [quote=TMmum] Should breeds be encouraged to be aggressive if they were bred to be eons ago?[/quote]OK, but should breeds be encouraged to therefore undergo a severe transformation to end up in the same ranks with all the other pets and basically expose the same boring disposition? See, when the steam engine proved obsolete as a vehicle, we simply "let it go". Maybe that would be wiser than transforming a breed into something it's not. Just a thought. Generally speaking (and this is not meant towards you specifically but all pet owners), I believe it's actually very hypocritical of today's pet owners; they LOVE to show off with what their breed was once bred to do, but at the same time they despise that very behavior in their dogs and want something completely different. I mean, if a breed is changed to satisfy the palate of today's society, then at least have the decency to NOT show off and omit the heroic history of these dogs altogether (in books etc). ... Or leave em as they were... 8) Dan