Comment to 'neapolitan mastiffs of old lines?'
  • i dunno.. i don't know much about that dog.. it was put up for sale long time back.. if you ask me, i'd rather consider a massive neo with a lot of wrinkles that collapsed out of lethargy or incapacity in the show ring as a cull and consider the dog in a pic as a champion if he has the right character and health and fire! i have seen many such dogs performing well.. i had a neo myself! he was from highly reputed show lines.. i didn't find him to be an efficient worker.. at least not as they were described.. but still, he was a cool dog.. i have seen some muscular neos here.. they are extremely good and capable dogs!! they won't have too much of wrinkles and unwanted flesh (unwanted mass). but still, massive. i have even visited a few breeders and i have seen the dogs.. from what i have seen, dogs that were bred for mass and wrinkles and loose skin and etc, to put it in a nutshell, bred to win blue ribbons, were not working mastiffs at all.. they could barely trot.. and the way they welcomed me (me being a stranger to them) was not what i was expecting from a mastiff from guarding background. at the same time, i have seen some wonderful dogs too! the dog which could outrun an average human and dogs with fire and determination! i hope that such dogs would be preferred and bred and healthier dogs be produced..