Comment to 'How much excercising do alabai need?'
  • Having that land and enough wild life entering your property the dog should have plenty of exercise. But this is just my opinion. Don't be so quick to get this dog. Do some more research on the breed and on the breeders before you make a purchase. You want to be as informed or educated as you can about the breed and breeders.

    As far as shipping to Canada you need to talk to the airlines. They can tell you if a dog can be shipped. I know there was a problem with shipping live animals to Canada from the USA. I don't know if that is still in lace or not. I had some ask me about shipping to Canada. The airline said that was a temporary ban on shipping to Canada. I don't know why this was in place.

    If you get a chance to visit some kennels you should do so. Find out if the breeders offer written health guarantees. Find out if they do OFA or PennHipp testing. Check out these places as thoroughly as you can. If they don't want to answer question then don't buy from them. I have talked to many breeders. Many will say they have working dogs or working lines and they have never done any training with their dogs. Many say the dog is show quality. But the breeder has never been to a show. they don't know what the judges are looking for in a dog. They just know that there is a champion in the bloodline. Every dog in a champion bloodline will not be a champion of record. Having one dog 3 or 4 generation back does qualify as a champion bloodline.