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How much excercising do alabai need?

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    • On 4 fenced acres of land that he can run you would not need to actually get him any additional exercise. If he is outside at all times and have full run of the property to patrol he will get enough exercise.  When the temperature is cold he will be very active. If it is hot he will sleep all day .. so on that kind of property don't worry about exercise unless you have him locked up in the house.  Again, if he lives outside on 4 acres he will get enough exercise.

      • thank you so much. It is cold where I live so he will be active. Thank you.

        • I'm not quite sure what to get CAO, sarplaninac, or CO. I have owned large breed dogs before including, german shepherds, st. Bernard's, malamute. Which one would be most suitable for me? It gets cold here in alberta. But all these breeds can do fine in about any weather. But I live on four fenced acres and am having problems with both people and animals. Although my problems are mostly about wild animals. I don't necessarily need a lgd but need something strong enough to confront man and animal. 

          Tell me if these breeders are good? 

          Sarp: http://www.grazerie.com/sarplaninac 

          CO: http://www.courageouscaucasians.com/ 

          CAO: http://www.alabaiusa.com/ 

          They all say they are working animals which is what I am looking for. So which animal would be best for me? Are good working sarps just as formidable and good as workers as CO and CAO? Which one would be right for me?

          • The only one you listed who I would consider buying from is alabaiusa.  However, I think you should check out RuskiIzvor. http://ruskiizvor.com/index.htm

            • Thanks for the post.

              • Our second pup should arrive this week. name is Pallada. photo in gallery by ruskizvir

                • Nice puppy!!

                  • Thank you - Ruskizvor has great Caucasian and Central Asian Ovcharkas.

                    • Do u think they would ship to canada?

                      • They are shipping mine to Houston, TX so I am sure shipping to Canada will not be a problem. Just contact Polina (ruskizvor) on here and she can tell you.

                        Best wishes for the new year.

                        • Having that land and enough wild life entering your property the dog should have plenty of exercise. But this is just my opinion. Don't be so quick to get this dog. Do some more research on the breed and on the breeders before you make a purchase. You want to be as informed or educated as you can about the breed and breeders.

                          As far as shipping to Canada you need to talk to the airlines. They can tell you if a dog can be shipped. I know there was a problem with shipping live animals to Canada from the USA. I don't know if that is still in lace or not. I had some ask me about shipping to Canada. The airline said that was a temporary ban on shipping to Canada. I don't know why this was in place.

                          If you get a chance to visit some kennels you should do so. Find out if the breeders offer written health guarantees. Find out if they do OFA or PennHipp testing. Check out these places as thoroughly as you can. If they don't want to answer question then don't buy from them. I have talked to many breeders. Many will say they have working dogs or working lines and they have never done any training with their dogs. Many say the dog is show quality. But the breeder has never been to a show. they don't know what the judges are looking for in a dog. They just know that there is a champion in the bloodline. Every dog in a champion bloodline will not be a champion of record. Having one dog 3 or 4 generation back does qualify as a champion bloodline.

                          • I have been doing as much research as possible on the alabai I will continue to do more. But from what I have read I think I have enough time and space for the dog. I do prefer them to be independent. That is what I like about them. I know this dog is a huge responsibility and a very serious dog.

                            • If I get my dog from the USA I know people who can come and bring to canada for me in about 3 days.

                              • Well in USA I highly recommend Maxomagic Central Asian Kennel at http://maxomagickennel.com

                                Talk to Steve Nash.

                                • Well I have looked at their dogs very impressive. That is where I will be getting my dog. But before I talk to Steve Nash I will sit down and talk to my family and see if we are all at the same page. Although Ruskivor sure has nice animals too. It is ruskiver or maxomagic. I want to talk to my family and see if this dog would fit our needs. 

                                  • Gsicard do u have any experience with Maxomagic? Are they good responsible breeders? Are there animals top quality as they seem to be? Do they still have the real CAO temp and working abilities? Do u think they are the best breeders in USA for CAO is that why you recommended them to me?

                                    I have read their whole website they seem to be fantastic. i just want to check with someone who has experience with them. 

                                    • Please call me Gary.  It is good that you asked me that question. The answer is YES. I know them personally and they are my friends.  They have the very best CAO you can find in the USA.  The founders (Victoria Evans (r.i.p)) and Steven Nash were/are personal friends of mine.  I can completely vouch for the dogs of Maxomagic and I will not for any other CAO breeder in the USA.  Thanks for reading the website - I made it for them.  :) Yes, they have true to temperament CAO of the best lines and quality breeding. You will be happy with their dogs.

                                      If you want to buy from the American continent then choose Maxomagic

                                      If you want to import then choose Ruski Izvor

                                      • Thankyou so much Gary.

                                        • Hello Gary I am deciding carefully whether to get a CO or a CAO. But if I choose a CO what breeder should I choose in North America? What breeder has the best possible working lines in North America? I have looked at some breeders and cant find some that would have good COs.

                                          • I have not found any breeders in the USA that I would buy from for various reasons.  Some has great dogs but other issues. Some has no issues but crappy dogs, and there is a mixture of other politics and drama... SO, I buy my dogs from outside the USA.  Not saying you would not be happy with a CO from someone in north America... But I would not so I don't buy. The choice however, is yours. I already made my recommendation. I can find other breeders for you but they would not be from North America at this time.

                                            • Could you do me a big favour and find me some nice breeders that have some nice dogs outside North America?

                                                • Awnser as soon as possible please Gary. But no rush.

                                                  • Sorry was picking up my puppy at airport today. RUSKI IZVOR  and Akmenu gele are highly recommended. More later

                                                    • Just a couple pictures of Pallada. She got home on Friday and these were taken on Sunday after she was introduced to the others.

                                                      • Beautiful puppy!

                                                        • I agree. This also answers my question that I posted on one of the pictures.

                                                          • I know that RuskiIzvor has fabulous dogs. But is there any other breeders asides from RuskiIzvor you would recommend? I just like to have as many options as possible and like to see more options in terms of CO breeders. And for shipping a dog from Europe to Canada how much would the total cost be, do you know?

                                                            • I will only recommend breeders who i have had peronal experience with. So with that said, Rudki Izvor, Akmenu Gele, VBO Caucasians, Luca Bastiani, and should you need expert help and advice from a USA breeder you should cocnsider Caucasian Legend and speak with Yelena.  Also check  Thunderhawk Caucasians

                                                              • Thank you for all of your help Gary it's Jett. I contacted maxomagic and we are getting a dog from them in April. 

                                                                Thankyou for all of your help.

                                                                • You are welcome. Your email from the site came to me also and i forwarded it to Steve.

                                                                  You can't go wrong with a maxomagic Central Asian. They are the best.

                                                                  • One last question Gary. What should we do to prevent the dog for digging under the fence? Or what can we add to a 6 foot fence around 4 acres of chain link fence to prevent him from digging?

                                                                    • When I first receive my CAO pup about 2 months old how much excersize should he recieve? Because I wont be able to leave him outside by himself because we are going to make adgustments to the fencing and i am not going to risk my puppy getting hurt by leaving him outside. lSo Gary how much excersize should I give him when he is that age? Also I plan to go jogging with him and do weight pulling excersizes just so he can get in very good shape. But what age should I start this? Thanks Gary

                                                                      • Unfortunately we have to put a new fence up. Is 2 acres enough? Or should a little more be better or would 2 be good enough.

                                                                        • If someone with experience please awnser these quistions soon as possible?

                                                                          • 2 acres is more than enough space for a any dog to get enough exercise. This is especially true if there are other people or animals that come by enough to get their attention.

                                                                            • How long, is too long of a walk for my 14 week old CAS Kyhoon?

                                                                              • your CAS will let you know.. probably sit or lay down and refuse to move any further.. that is the limit.. but you can work through it.

                                                                                • But if I take him for longer walks will it be okay for his joints?

                                                                                  • Dogs like this require less exercise than probably any other type of dog. A couple of acres will do them fine. 
                                                                                    However, for other dog types I think it's a mistake to think a big yard is enough. Dogs need to get out and smell things and also need stimulation to get the exercise they need. Even if you have 5 acres you should take your dog for walks and drives to see different places. If you have over 20 acres you can probably get away with no walks but still should get out on your property making your dogs run by riding around on a 4 wheeler or something.

                                                                                    However, yeah, LGDs are pretty unique in how much they are homebodies, they're the one dog you can get away with sitting out back on a couple of acres and leaving them to it. 

                                                                                    • Don't worry I have been excersicing him alot. I am just wondering since of his age it would be hard on his joints because he is growing?

                                                                                      • 1234: just avoid  running too much on hard surfaces, if he is living in a wide fenced area there is no need for exercising. at 4 months if you want you an walk him for 20 minutes or play fetch for 10minutes you can do that 2-3 times a day. later at 6 months you can walk him longer. Volka is 9 months i take him for 45 minutes walk which includes some playing and running, then later during the day i take him for short 20 minutes walks....but because he lives in a house. soon i am moving to my summer house he will have a fenced area. when he gets older around 2 years you can then start some serious exercising with weight pulling etc....

                                                                                        but as said in this thread, if it is hot the dog will be sleeping all day..they are lazy by nature. and start obedience early and do not encourage play biting , this is a serious dog you dont want him to play biting as he gets older trust me... they grow very fast , so you have to control them early.... Volka is now 9 months and 135 lbs 30+ inches at withers

                                                                                        • Gilles, can you upload some new photos?

                                                                                          • Interesting comments!

                                                                                            • Why interesting? What do you think about all the comments?

                                                                                              • I know of the breed. But I'm not that familiar with the breed and their characteristics. So hearing they will lay down or how you develop a pattern when they are young to get the dog conditioned to exercising more. Those are thing people need to know before they consider getting the breed. I'd imagine there are a number of people getting one and have no idea of what they are getting into.

                                                                                                Not just this breed but any and all breeds.

                                                                                                I just had a guy this past weekend ask me to provide a stud for his female. The dog has a crooked tail. It is too short for the breed. The teeth are worn down. The bite is not correct. He hasn't tested the dogs for any genetic health problems. It has never been evaluated by any qualified people as to whether or not it is breed quality. He said it was 4 years old and never bred. But the teats are too low not to have been bred. He don't have a pedigree on the dog. He said they only gave him the registration papers. I just happen to know the breeder. She is one of the most well know breeders of the Presa. I called her and when she didn't answer I sent her an email. She responded back and wanted the address of the guy so she could go and pick up the pup. She sold him the dog as pet quality. He didn't have papers, but somehow managed to get papers. She learned that the dog has been bred at least 4 times. I know she makes her customer' sign puppy contract and on pet quality dogs they must be spayed/neutered.

                                                                                                The guy is under the impression that his dog is special because when he walks the dog people stop hi and tell him how awesome his dog is. He asked why was I looking t the dogs teeth. He don't know what the bite should be for the breed. He asked how do you fix the bite?? How much would it cost? Really? He shouldn't own a dog IMO. He is in no way prepared to get the dog some help if there are complications when birthing.

                                                                                                Before I saw the dog I told him we needed to evaluate the dog to see if we would breed with her. He sent me a picture on a cell phone. I had to explain that we need to see it in person. The angulation was horrible. The gait was awful. I asked about OFA hip testing. He said the hips are good. He gives her calcium for her hips and joints. You should not give a presa calcium supplements when they are young. That could cause problem in their growth and lead to other problems. Maybe that is why the gait was bad?

                                                                                                He even mention that if we won't breed her he wanted me to give him someone that will. I know a number of other breeders. But I wouldn't send no one a dog like that to breed. But I did tell him he should contact the original breeder. She has more ma;es than we do. Hopefully he goes back thinking he can talk his way into getting her to help him. Then she can take custody back of that dog and make sure it never breeds again.


                                                                                                  Gilles, can you upload some new photos?

                                                                                                   sure desiree i will soon.

                                                                                                  • Intresting story Jamal! I just don't want to be over excersicing my dog because of his age that is all.

                                                                                                    • I understand about the concern for over exercising. I don't know if that can be done. I have yet to see a dog that got too much exercise. But I can see that if we overdo it it can lose the dog's interest.

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