Comment to 'How much excercising do alabai need?'
  • I know of the breed. But I'm not that familiar with the breed and their characteristics. So hearing they will lay down or how you develop a pattern when they are young to get the dog conditioned to exercising more. Those are thing people need to know before they consider getting the breed. I'd imagine there are a number of people getting one and have no idea of what they are getting into.

    Not just this breed but any and all breeds.

    I just had a guy this past weekend ask me to provide a stud for his female. The dog has a crooked tail. It is too short for the breed. The teeth are worn down. The bite is not correct. He hasn't tested the dogs for any genetic health problems. It has never been evaluated by any qualified people as to whether or not it is breed quality. He said it was 4 years old and never bred. But the teats are too low not to have been bred. He don't have a pedigree on the dog. He said they only gave him the registration papers. I just happen to know the breeder. She is one of the most well know breeders of the Presa. I called her and when she didn't answer I sent her an email. She responded back and wanted the address of the guy so she could go and pick up the pup. She sold him the dog as pet quality. He didn't have papers, but somehow managed to get papers. She learned that the dog has been bred at least 4 times. I know she makes her customer' sign puppy contract and on pet quality dogs they must be spayed/neutered.

    The guy is under the impression that his dog is special because when he walks the dog people stop hi and tell him how awesome his dog is. He asked why was I looking t the dogs teeth. He don't know what the bite should be for the breed. He asked how do you fix the bite?? How much would it cost? Really? He shouldn't own a dog IMO. He is in no way prepared to get the dog some help if there are complications when birthing.

    Before I saw the dog I told him we needed to evaluate the dog to see if we would breed with her. He sent me a picture on a cell phone. I had to explain that we need to see it in person. The angulation was horrible. The gait was awful. I asked about OFA hip testing. He said the hips are good. He gives her calcium for her hips and joints. You should not give a presa calcium supplements when they are young. That could cause problem in their growth and lead to other problems. Maybe that is why the gait was bad?

    He even mention that if we won't breed her he wanted me to give him someone that will. I know a number of other breeders. But I wouldn't send no one a dog like that to breed. But I did tell him he should contact the original breeder. She has more ma;es than we do. Hopefully he goes back thinking he can talk his way into getting her to help him. Then she can take custody back of that dog and make sure it never breeds again.