• [quote1285102362=brazillianbandogge]Hips or elbows dysplasia is a controversy methods to select dogs for working because if the dog didnt have the clinic presense of the hip problem they dont have the problem...[/quote1285102362] How can you say that?! In this way, if a dog doesn't show pain, he couldn't have cancer, os something like that. I NEVER heard someone to say that hip dysplasia is a "controversy method to select working dogs". It's about dog health, how could it be "controversy"? I only saw owners of puppy mills with this kind of argument. I trully hope this isn't your case. [quote1285102869=Nebulosa]The Serrano born in record time, with a weak standard and a weak character test.[/quote1285102869] Yeah, that's pretty true. Even the Campeiro breeders didn't know the project to creat the "Serrano Bulldog". Two or three person, one of them owner of a dog with enormous problems of lack of structure and looking like a boxer mix, simply showed up one day with the CBKC approval for the Serrano. Exactly that way. A great politic game. Now, all the dogs rejected by the Campeiro breed, because their problems of structure, can have a new breed where their owners can have all the admiration that they couldn't have like Campeiro breeders and their poor quality dogs. The club of the repressed.