• [quote=Brazillianbandogge]In my concern the campeiro bulldogs were formed by English Bulldog x native dogs with some unknowing % of the blood from old bulldogs, those information was published by the onwer of the Kennel Cão dominio whom have wroten the standard of the breed and had the first bloodline of the breed.[/quote] Ralf used few English bulldogs a long time ago, in the start of the rescue of the breed, he did it in dogs wich lost the tipical bulldog look, also because in that time there are a small ammount of campeiros and mixes, the breed was facing its extinction. Use a small ammount of English Bulldog in a small amount of dogs 20 years ago, when there was no bloodline nor animals available, is very different than take an already rescued breed and mix again with English Bulldog for have smaller dogs, and name it Serrano. [quote=BrazillianBandogge]Hips or elbows dysplasia is a controversy methods to select dogs for working because if the dog didnt have the clinic presense of the hip problem they dont have the problem...[/quote] Nice excuse for does not control health problems, you should get more informations about such illness before write something like that. Young dogs maybe will not show pain, old animals after start the muscular loss will show anyway, I does not breed working dogs that are able to work properly only while young. With elbows displasy the problem is even worst [quote=BrazilianBandogge]Some Serranos breeders said that the campeiros registry , alow any dogs that looks like close to campeiro Standard to be registry .....the R.I. Inicial Registry..... [/quote] Yes, not only with Campeiros but with all breeds, even breeds wich have counted and controled bloodlines since the start of its breeding, everyone who pay for an RI can get one if have a dog a little bit similar to the one of the breed in question, it's not different with Serrano. Once in a dogshow, a very famous judge came to me for greet my new Campeiro.... the main problem is that it wasn't a Campeiro but a very typical English Bulldog, with all faults possible for a Campeiro, well, the same judge was the one who gave the RI to several mixes in one meeting, the same mixes wich now have its offsprings called Serrano. [quote=BrazillianBandogge]Actually the Serranos inovate when wrote a working trial in the standard and these could be helpfull to select "Working Campeiros"=serranos.[/quote] Again internal political influence. The Serrano born in record time, with a weak standard and a weak character test. [quote=BrazillianBandogge] And in other hands the Owner of Caodominio Mr Ralf said in brazilian forum that have been studied some changes in Campeiros Standard to avoid to grow some specific lines that looks like the E.Bulldog.[/quote] Campeiros breeders (Ralf include) tried for at least 2 years update the standard for the new one, wich does not allow dogs with exagerated conformation characteristics, it was done not because of the breeders, but for help the judges to understand better the breed and dont make wrong choices again. A little bit of history: People who now breed Serranos started first trying to polute Campeiros with mixes like that: People from Campeiro did not had accepted such dogs, and with the help of the owner of the weak boned campeiro wich appear in the Serrano standard photo, they did a new breed in record time, so, born Serranos, a supposed breed with no english bulldog, a supposed working dog. Its so senseless that even the creator of this breed said that in some litters of Serrano's can born Campeiro's, and in some Campeiro's litters can born Serrano's.