Comment to 'seeking breed info'

    I prefer a quiet dog who only barks when good dogs should bark (someone's at the gate, spots a predator, etc..)

     For the situation you described the CAO or CO would do fine. Our COs are in San Antonio, TX where it does get very hot also.  Some shade and a fan and they will be fine. Since your will be inside then the heat is not an issue.  While inside the CO will be somewhat docile and quiet unless it hears or senses something  out of place.  The growl or bark of a fully grown CO will rattle your windows.  That will thwart most smart crooks.  The stupid ones will and should get eaten.. so to speak. Oh, you will have hair in the house about twice a year - spring and fal.  And don't forget that they can get big, very big.

    If you decide on a CO or CAO please chat with me before you buy.

    and by the way - Our female CO pup arrives on Friday from Belgrade.