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    Things do need to be structured, there needs to be an aim, however........

    A dog isn't a breed when it becomes accepted into a KC, when it has an exact standard and when it's register is closed. Then it becomes a pedigree mutt on a slippery slope.

    A dog is a "breed type" when it fills the function needed, and is able to do so to an extent it's found useful and true to purpose and breeds like. There is nothing useful about a show dog, or the words Ch, or KC papers. So you could just as easily discount those dogs as you could the add you are referring to.

    In an open register dogs are appraised on individual merit, not against each other and not only on phenotype but on function, standards are kept at a minimum allowing for slight variation of type be it regional or within a litter. A pedigree is just a record of it's ancestors. Important as a record but meaningless otherwise

    Do they fit the general picture off the breed. Given a score. If they fall outside of all expectations especially function wise their score reflects that. A maximum score is needed to enter the stud book, but not on its own, it first needs to be tested for function, the two scores make the total. All may have papers from birth, a recorded pedigree but its not essential for appraisal, nor is a pedigree an automatic entry into the stud book or registry. Once it has a score and achieves the minimum it get papers even if its score falls bellow the registry requirement. The breeder may choose to use and improve the dog in a breeding programme until its progeny can be scored eligible to enter the studbook by virtue of there own appraisal.........this maintains genetic diversity and doesn't exclude anything from the gene pool, not ever.

    Where there are problems creeping in like hips, hip scores should be a requirement for appraisal. Still doesn't mean dogs with bad hips are excluded from the gene pool. Its puppies if bred away from bad hips still get papers if they get the minimum score and are still eligible for appraisal into the registry subject to apparaisal scores.  To enter the registry the dog needs hip scores of a minimum soundness. Some breeds don't have enough numbers to exclude all of them due to things like bad hips or elbows, others might. But things like hip scores are essential so breeders know what they re working with.

    That person with the stud dog you refer to should be eligible to have their dog appraised, given a score then you will know what you are working with. On the face of it its just a dog like any other. If they choose not to they choose not to their dog will stay an unknown entity to breeders. Like it is now for you

    Beyond appraisals for type the dog need to be tested for function, is he really strong, does he have agility and endurance (he mustn't just "express" these things in phenotype he must BE these things). Is he all of these things "Intelligent, active and even minded, he is an unequalled watch and protection dog. Docile and affectionate with the owner; loving with children and with family, if necessary he becomes a terrible and brave protector of people, house and property. He is easily trainable." FCI Standard.

    The dog needs to be tested for all of these things, given a score. Working trials, endurance tests.........whatever.

    This kind of appraisal doesn't exclude any types out there it doesn't narrow the gene pool. If at any moment its felt the breed needs certain improvement, anything can be be added that is deemed suitable after an appraisal. 

    If any dog arrives without a pedigree that looks behaves and functions like a Cane Corso who gives a rats arse that it has no papers? If that dog is appraised suitable it's given the minimum score for papers. Without papers its only eligible for a minimum score.  It can only enter the registry based on the success of its litters. Dogs without papers (breeding record) issued by the breed association doing the appraisals I wouldn't use for indiscriminate breeding because I have no clue how inbred it is due to a lack of that record, but the owner may breed with it and anyone else who sees fit, the puppies be appraised given papers....who knows if all things go well some of the puppies might enter the stud registry if they are healthy and score well enough..........if sufficient numbers do the dog can be reappraised again for eligibility for entry into the stud book, a new score given. 

    Anyway thats just a rough idea.........A bit mixed up but i don't have time to set it all out correctly and edit.....