Comment to 'Best Molosser for hot weather? '
  • We live near San Antonio so know what you mean about the Texas heat.

    Hi there. That is a good question and it is good that you are asking probably before getting your . Do you want to consider any Molosser of  or are you interested in coat type, temperament, and function.

    To best help you it would be nice to know.

    1. Will the dog be inside or outside most of the time?

    2. What is the function/job you want the dog for? Guarding, companion, livestock protection, property protection, etc...

    3. do you have large acreage or if not is your property fenced to contain the dog?

    With the answers to these three questions we can give you some advice. Please let us know.

    You may also want to have a look at our Molosser Profiles

    Best regards.