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Those of us who have large breed dogs such as Mastiffs, Great Dane, St. Bernard and the larger breeds know the pain of losing them at 7-10 years old.

However, what if there was a way to extend the lifespan of these large-breed dogs? One company aims to do just that. The San Francisco-based startup Loyal is a clinical-stage veterinary medicine company that recently made headlines for working to receive conditional approval for a new medicine from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). (Yep, the same government agency responsible for regulating human pharmaceuticals does the same for animals.) 


This is another astute observation from our friend at Kennels. Thank you Jessica.

You are correct in your observation and definition of the breed clubs. Shall we suppose that the breed clubs are made up mostly of breed enthusiasts and breeders? If that supposition is correct then, I think the breed clubs do bear some responsibility for the state of their represented breeds by wielding influence over the breeds and sanctioning the actions and choices of judges which then drives breeders and owners into a certain direction.

One area that is of interest to me it the temperament of the dogs represented. I can point to several breeds (, #CAO, Brasileiro, #presa canario, , etc.) whose temperaments are for the most part "softened". In some cases, these former working dogs are being softened for the pet owner market which drives demand, and drives breeders, and clubs to adjust their expectations... (my thoughts - not substantiated) and thus affects the breed. This is a word salad as I am jet lagging right now.. :)

Anyway, @mastini-mayhem, @Mastini Mayhem Kennel I do agree with your assessment and wanted to share my thoughts in hopes that others will comment. I hope the new year is a great one for all our Fans.

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