Comment to 'Some recent pics'
Comment to Some recent pics
  • Thanks guys. Crnosrce1 Drathtaar as in pointer? (gotta admit I had to look that up, lol) I have seen people doing arab/pointer but this fella is pointery enough I reckon. He was actually literally pointing at things for a while as a young pup lol, I had to encourage him to chase. He's coming on good now and is keen to chase, but I still don't think I'd want a higher percentage of pointer than 25%, and probably less would be ideal. IF I was to cross him... possibly go sighthound (staghound) but probably go bully/staghound like these. Keep things along the same basic "bull/sighthound" lines, but that introduction of a little deerhound from the bullstag wouldn't go astray. They seem to offer a lot. Also I like the black and white colouring, which is dumb, and I wouldn't hold it as a priority if I was breeding for sure, but still... I live in queensland on the outskirts of brisbane.