Comment to 'A little bit for those, who doesn't know.....'
  • Hi there.

    I am the dogs lover all my life, and a Cane Corso lover for over 8 years.

    I would like to share a little bit of my knowledge. It may help someone who is new to this fantastic breed. Forgive me pls my grammar - english is my second language and I still do mistakes.

    1. CC are very stable, gentle and inteligent - however they would live your emotional life with you. And if You are too narvous they likely to ignore you and it won't make them feel comfortable. They also very powerful dogs, but it doesn't mean, that you have to fight for your position with CC, as (many people would argue with that or keep saying Alpha theory) CC can live without hierarchy, but next to family, and that is true.

    2. CC would remember anything bad you've done to him. It will affect trust, training and your relationship. And I advice to not to show aggression, pressure etc to CC, From my own experience- we've reached much better results of training by play and cooperation. I asked for help 2 experts and ended up starting again myself. I remember throwing the chain lead toward to make her hear the noise and come back, exercise with a ball on the 15 feet long leash - she only got bored (should see her face) etc.. My boyfriend used to panic, while I wanted let her off. All people around me kept doing exactly what they shouldn't. Nothing wrong with those methods, just usual training doesn't match CC - special dog - special training. I start walking her alone, where we couldn't meet other dogs or people and let her run as much as she wanted... Now remember.

    - your dog is a Cane Corso - it is mean that his gens including guide, watch run, protect a huge fields. If he does go toward too far, but you still can see him don not panic - is his nature and you have got what you wanted-if ur dog does go pass you while you call him, than comes to u remember he is intelligent and thinks before will do anything;)

    - don't expect of him to bring back to you every single silly ball or stick u trowed...You can play that game with coca-poo, not with you magnificent CC;), well sometimes, u can...  

    - he will be with you all the time - no more time off - did you wanted dog of one owner? Here we go;)

    3. Watch other people, even more than your dog while walking. People react for a big dogs and their behavior can scared your dog, provoke etc.

    - we try to run where others won't

    - we will take step back and run away from smallest dogs - too much noise and show around it...

    - we meeting other dogs very carefully, sitting and waiting, shorting the distance slowly, we likely interviewing the other owner is his dog  stable?

    However even if I know my dog is stable and calm i don't want her to earn bad experience by being attacked 

    - I always call my dog to me and ask to sit when I can see people, dogs, bikes coming. 

    There is many little things I would not recommend. They are much different than others dogs, with no doubt. They require a little bit modified training, they need constant love and attention and they will pay it back x2.

    If there is any questions and I know the answer - pls feel free.