Comment to 'Boz shepherd dog, Malaki '
  • As a general rule, no matter what kind of dog you get from anywhere, if it's being "sold" to you, it is snake oil. What I mean is if there is a spiel connected to the dog and it's breed (or moniker), if it has someone saying "this is a blahblublah, they are the incredible dogs of the boohaa and they're amazing in this and that way" it is a scam. 

    Clearly malaki and boz shepherds are both scams by slimeballs. 

    Keep in mind I own a "bull arab" and it definitely was also a scam as a breed, by a known criminal slimeball, however the hunters who initially got scammed, have since turned them into good dogs by working the shit out of them and relentlessly culling weaknesses and defects.

    I didn't buy a dog off a scammer, I bought a dog off a hunter who didn't try and sell me any nonsense, "arab pups, $200, Mount Tarampa, Ph: ######" I believe the ad read. That's how a proper dog gets sold. If the seller/breeder is trying too hard to impress, there's a reason, and the reason is he bred the dogs purely to sell them, and they're shit. 

    People interested in working dogs, rather than selling them, don't go on with BS, they just say "btw I have some spare pups here if anyone's interested". 

    All these hyped exotic "breeds" which are the darlings of the internet's imagination are scams. All of them.