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Boz shepherd dog, Malaki

Just in case anyone was wondering about the size of these dog's...in my profile picture is my Boz (RIP) Oz.  In that picture, he was 10 months old and weighed 160 lbs. I'm guessing had my buddy not opened the gate to the yard and got hit by a car, he would have been close to 200 lbs. by the time he had finished.  I can say from experience, that the negative things being spouted by some very bad people out there are not true.  You need to check for yourselves. It's to easy and lazy to simply believe something that is posted on the internet.  These dogs are incredible.

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    • What do you guys think of these two breeds. I am still wondering if they are a hoax and just one breed or they are two seperarate breeds. I am also wondering if the Malaki or turkish mastiff dog is ancient or not. I know the Boz is a new fighting dog.

      • Boz shepard is a member here zo i hope he will respond.

        I think there are photos in the old gallery too.

        • No one wants to give their opinion? No one wants to awnser my question?

          • i honestly think that the malaki is a hoax,you can see that they have st bernard blood in them.

            But about the BOZ shepherd i don't know, they look like a kangal with a more mastiff like appearance.

            To my understanding they are claimed to be an old breed of dogs but are only recently known in the dog world so it would not be very dificult to find blood lines right ?

            • The breed is a designer breed made up by a dog fighter in Turkey named Akin Tulubas.

              I brought some  of the first ones over here.  I was lied to, ripped off, duped and sold a bill of goods basically,

              by Tulubas and his cohorts here in the USA.  I learned a very hard, expensive lesson.

              You can PM me for more details.  One of the breeders in Texas is presently being sued.  The dogs are being

              're-marketed' and 're-invented' now as Livestock Guardian Dogs.  Truth is, they are a designer fighting breed.

              Tulubas sells them to Chinese dog fighters now and was recently in Las Vegas connecting with his dog fighting

              cronies.  He's despised by many Kangal people in Turkey as a fraud, fake and a sociopath.

              I would steer clear of the breed.  Again, you can PM me if you want more names and details on who the people are

              who own these dogs.  Here's just one guy who now owns and breeds Boz.  Should tell you all you need to know.


              • Thanks for info. Sent you a message for more details. 

                • hey, i used the link but it's about an attack from a rhodesian ridgeback not a BOZ shepherd.

                  • Yes but that same person that had that Rhodesian ridgeback now breeds Boz shepherds.


                      I would steer clear of the breed.  Again, you can PM me if you want more names and details on who the people are
                      who own these dogs.  Here's just one guy who now owns and breeds Boz.  Should tell you all you need to know.

                       That link shows and talks about Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs. I was looking for the connection to the Boz Shepherd but could not find it.

                      • Beware some pics are gruesome. 

                        Beware of Boz Sheperd: http://www.texasworkingdogs.com/boz_shepherd_dog.htm  

                        Although some of the dogs that are shown are not even Boz Shepherds.

                        More: http://molosserdogs.com/forum/#topic/Strange-Unexpected-Behavior.htm 

                        My mother talked to a farmer and said they where not good LGD because they where to aggressive, many health problems and would leave the flock like the blog above describes. Also he said that he had to go through like 4 dogs because of aggressive and health problems.

                        • I remember that post when Hugo finally analyzed his Boz dog and found it lacking.  The link to the other TWD site is disturbing but is not so far fetched.  Still feeds the macho image of some people to own a big mean-looking dog. I wonder if the Boz dogs have diluted the Kangal gene pool in Turkey. Will be interesting to see how that turns out.

                          Anyway, in any breeding program there will be undiserable results and it is up to the honesty of the breeder to remove undesirables from the program and work toward their goal. If the goal is money.. there is no ethics.

                          • Couldn't agree with you more. I also think that they are not selling their top specimens to North America. While they are keeping the best dogs in their home country.

                            • http://turkishboz.com/what-makes-a-boz-a-boz/

                              Here in their side you can read self about these dogs.

                              I'm not an expert, but i see that boz and Malakii are two new fighting dogs.
                              Mixed dogs (Anatolian dog + Bully Kutta + Iranian mastiffs and other breeds).

                              • So whether Boz is an accepted 'breed' name is debatable. Lots of misrepresentation above and some pretty accurate stuff. Importing dogs out of turkey is risky buisness and buyer beware. Its important though not to place blame on the dog if you get a a sour deal as its not the dogs fault. Boz specific dogs are terrific at two things. Guarding and fighting. I've got two Boz specific dogs and can honestly say they are exceptional animals. They stay with our LS 24/7 and do really well. Well mannered large and formidable. Just wanted to put in a plug for these ultra cool dogs. They are spendy though and its difficult to export them out of Turkey. But the dogs are tremendous. I've got plenty of vids to show anyone that is interested. Cheers

                                • Hello Mark,

                                  Thanks for your post on this topic.  There is something that many of us usually forget as we get more involved in any breed.  We forget that though dogs are representative of their breed - the individual dog does not make the breed.  In the case of Boz Shepherd Dog - the developer had a goal in mind when they created the cocktail of breeds to achieve their vision of what the "breed" should be and should do.  I understand that these undertakings are sometime replete with failures and successes and the breed purists will furiously attack such efforts. 

                                  I think if you took any established breed (Neapolitan Mastiff, Caucasian Ovcharka) and attempt to normalize it in any way you will run afoul of the breed clubs and supporters. Take the Neo for instance - If a breeder tries to breed fully functional dogs that can run for more than 5 seconds, jump, guard with actions (not looks), and breed naturally - they will probably meet with all kinds of resistance.

                                  So, the Boz dogs are not to be expected to more than they were bred for and should not be discounted just because of their humble beginnings. I know many members and others do not like them because they have issues with Akin.  Anyway, Mark, I am glad you have found your Boz Shepherds to meet your expectations and are happy with them.  I would love to see videos and photos and any other info you would like to share. On molosserdogs.com we give the opportunity to learn about the breeds an the Boz need more coverage.

                                  Thanks for posting.  Welcome to the site.


                                  • This site is a bit tricky and not very intuitive. I feel compelled to share pics and images of out boz Shep's in the working lgd enviornment that we've placed them In. Again, most of what I've read above is not accurate based off my experience with boz. Its 50/50 in Turkey as far as whether boz is a separate breed. My guess is these dogs are a mix of malakli and kangal. Ultra smart very loyal creatures.

                                    Our female at 4 months old located a 6 month old chick that flew the coop in the middle of the night and brought the chick up to the house and slept by its side. We awoke to the sound of a chicken. Then discovered that she had brought it through the dog door. Unharmed and unscathed. Low prey drive. Again I wish I could post pics and vids to these posts but seem unable to. Please do additional homework but don't rely on that lgdnevada person. They are not representing the breed properly. And again you can see loads of bids and pics on my fb page. You'll see that these dogs are extremely effective guard dogs. Very gentle with children,  young kids can take bones out of the mouths of both are dogs with no issue. Any child. These dogs know what a real threat is and disregard those that are not, but ready and willing to fight, and very good at that too.

                                    I should share another instance before signing off. My family and I were on a semi remote beach a couple of weekends ago. We had our female boz with us off leash. She really loves to play with other friendly dogs, in the most friendly of ways. She approached a dog and my wife quickly alerted me that this was happening. The folks with the other dog alerted me that their 20 pound doggy was not friendly and it immediately attacked our dog. She pinned this dog and by the time I got there I figured she had killed this dog. When I pulled her. Not a single puncture wound. Not a one. The dog was scared shtless but not injured at all.

                                    Do your homework please and don't put a ton of stock in the net sayers. They have a hidden agenda.

                                    • I have done my homework. Infact I was so close to getting this breed. But I asked people( not just one person) about this breed they said some of them have major temp and health issues. Also, they said they are not the best LGD because they will leave the flock and go full force to kill the wolf or predator.

                                      • Good deal 1234. At least you know what is right for you. Be fair to yourself and give a boz a visit. You'll be pleasantly surprised my friend and likely will change your tune. ;()


                                          This site is a bit tricky and not very intuitive

                                          I understand why you think this way about the site. The format though not new anymore is new to recent members and to those who are very familiar with FB.  Though the functionality is similar to FB the method of getting things done is a bit different.  All modules work the same way from people, photos, articles, blogs, groups, pets, sites, events.. etc.. there is always the big button to Add or Create new items on the right side and your Action Menu also on the right has all you need.  Please give it a good look next time you are on. 

                                          I am not very happy with the forum Layout - but I understand from the creators of the system that there is a new version in the works.

                                          Hint - the member menu at the bottom of the page has a quick way to get to your messages, settings, etc on the right.. and the green " + " on the bottom left is a quick way to Add something.  When I made the switch from the previous platform this was the best social system on the market at that time - and it is still very good though not as "easy" to use for those who are not familiar with it.

                                          To help - I have created a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which can be accesses from the menu or the footer menu area.

                                          • Thanks a lot for the tutorial. I'd probably do better if I was on a PC, these handheld devices leave a bit to be desired. Whenever i attwmpt to upload an image, it takes me straight to my camera? Ohwell. When i get to a pc ill have to jump back on. Have a nice day all. 

                                            • I would love to be proved wrong with some pics, videos and proof. Please post as soon as possible.


                                                Whenever i attwmpt to upload an image, it takes me straight to my camera?

                                                 Got it.  To make things easier for mobile devices we have a template called Friends Community that is adaptive to mobile devices and computers. Not sure which one you are using.  There is a link at the bottom to change it.  There is also a mobile App on Android and Apple - it is called Boonexx Dolphin. That app has a great photo up-loader for Android and apple devices.



                                                  Here in their side you can read self about these dogs.

                                                  I'm not an expert, but i see that boz and Malakii are two new fighting dogs.
                                                  Mixed dogs (Anatolian dog + Bully Kutta + Iranian mastiffs and other breeds).

                                                  I wouldn´t make it that complicated mate. There are no BKs involved and I doubt they order dogs from Iran. Big mastiff-type dogs they have in their own country. (The Malakli) I know that Akin also owns some North Caucasian Volkodavs, but I cannot say if they were involved in some breedings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5PoIKE_0CI The Boz dogs on average are inbetween Kangals and Malaklis in phenotype.

                                                  • yeah defineatly not BK involved with the boz type dog.  I agree with Alaunt, Kangal X Malakli = boz type.  Not panter style kangal though.  My buddy has boz/kangal dogs, one of which is my bitches have sister (same father) and there are more differences in our dogs when compared side by side.  vast differences.  his dogs are more true panter style kangals in size, ability and ferocity.  very effective lgd's are his x's, and not real big.  land race variant, until someone produces docs of blood lines.  but as far as the actual animals are concerned, we love ours. smart, durable, tough, loving, loyal and good workers.  excellent at keeping predators away.  proactive vs. reactive.  and solid at it.  I could see how one could have heard of a dog like these that was not right, as those stories are out there. but there are a load of success stories with these dogs as well.  just depends on who you talk to.

                                                    • Yeah I agree, everyone has different experiences. I think the boz is not a kangal mixed with various fighting mastiffs. I think that they are a Malaki x kangal. I also think there are different lines of boz for different purposes such as LGD and fighting. And some lines may be more aggressive than others. I think the bad experiences with the boz dog are from poor dealings or people from Turkey ripping them off. For example I could see someone from Turkey giving someone who asked for a LGD dog give them a fighting dog just based the unavailability of the current stock, and the want for cash. I don't know if I am right but that is my guess about the boz shepherd. Another quistion is this a new or ancient breed? I think http://www.texasworkingdogs.com/boz_shepherd_dog.htm has alot of made up stories but some may be true such as their experiences with the dogs and getting ripped off. But the idea of the breed being part of a bully kutta breed or even english mastiffs is ridiculous. I have changed my thoughts about this breed.

                                                      • Do you guys agree with my post?

                                                        • I do agree with your post.  I think I will ask Akin to comment on the makeup of his breed.

                                                          • That would be good.

                                                            • No Akin to comment on this forum?

                                                              • As a general rule, no matter what kind of dog you get from anywhere, if it's being "sold" to you, it is snake oil. What I mean is if there is a spiel connected to the dog and it's breed (or moniker), if it has someone saying "this is a blahblublah, they are the incredible dogs of the boohaa and they're amazing in this and that way" it is a scam. 

                                                                Clearly malaki and boz shepherds are both scams by slimeballs. 

                                                                Keep in mind I own a "bull arab" and it definitely was also a scam as a breed, by a known criminal slimeball, however the hunters who initially got scammed, have since turned them into good dogs by working the shit out of them and relentlessly culling weaknesses and defects.

                                                                I didn't buy a dog off a scammer, I bought a dog off a hunter who didn't try and sell me any nonsense, "arab pups, $200, Mount Tarampa, Ph: ######" I believe the ad read. That's how a proper dog gets sold. If the seller/breeder is trying too hard to impress, there's a reason, and the reason is he bred the dogs purely to sell them, and they're shit. 

                                                                People interested in working dogs, rather than selling them, don't go on with BS, they just say "btw I have some spare pups here if anyone's interested". 

                                                                All these hyped exotic "breeds" which are the darlings of the internet's imagination are scams. All of them. 

                                                                • I do not think the Boz Shepherd is a scam. I actually believe there are some good Boz dogs out there. But there are scam sellers who sell poorly bred Boz dogs to people. That is where I think the bad rap of the Boz comes from. Is the scam artist's. I do know some people who have told me such as Mark that the Boz dogs are not a scam and that they are good working dogs. I believe that it is a fairly new and rare breed so it is not very available at the moment so people will sell bad dogs that are poorly bred with temp and severe health problems. They are called backyard breeders.

                                                                  • I'm just as wary of a "good rap" as I am a bad rap. First these boz shepherds had an overwhelmingly hyped rap, that sent up tonnes of red flags for me. These bad raps coming in now are immaterial , or at least incredibly predictable and late to the party. I'm way past knowing these dogs were crap. 

                                                                    It's quite clear to me when I'm being sold snake oil vs when I'm witnessing real working dogs.

                                                                    • You know years ago i bought a gsd on a farm,a great dog, became 15 years old and died because his body was up.

                                                                      After a few years i red in the paper that that man was arrested because he was a puppiemill and a lot of people complained about him. My GDS was a great dog, good temperament and a good body.


                                                                      Than i bought a co, my first, top breeder, i had to put him down at the age of a year, perfecthips but all other jointa were a real mess.

                                                                      Bought my secnd co, also from a top breeder, i gave it back at the age of a year because the hips were realy bad.

                                                                      So what i am trieing to say that i realy dont think you know what you are buying, you get fooled everywhere sometimes not even on surpose.

                                                                      You just need to have some good luck! And you know next time its possible tha ti buy my next dog somewhere on the market in Hungarian.

                                                                      • Just talked to a guy who had a Boz shepherd he had to get rid of him because of dog aggression. But other than that they are great. According to him they aren't really a guardian breed. They are extremely hardy but they aren't as big as they say they are his was 120lbs but was only a year old.  

                                                                        Read more hear: http://alaunt.forenworld.at/viewtopic.php?f=13&p=371#p371 

                                                                        • Hello

                                                                            My name is Brian Peckinpaugh and live in East Texas.  About 3.5 years ago I imported my first Boz Shepherd, and have imported 10 more over since.  I raised Kangals for the 10 years prior and other LGD Breeds prior for a total of some 24 years with LGDs.  I work as a RN and have a small farm of sheep and free range hogs.


                                                                          Although I understand that there is always going to be controversy and argument with any breed, it disappoints me that so much completely unfounded information is being spread around about the Boz.  90% of the misinformation has been started and perpetuated by a couple of completely crazy women, as if that has never been seen in the dog world...lol.

                                                                          I am the Texas breeder referred to above as "being sued".  I would like to clarify that I am suing that persons friend at www.texasworkingdogs.com,   and she counter sued me.  But if you notice, her website has been removed if that gives you an indication as to how that is going.

                                                                          I have 3 grown males ranging from 32.5", 140# to 34", 185# and 35", 175#.   I have produced 2 pups at 37".  Not that size is as important as function,  but I saw where many doubt or disagree about their size.

                                                                          The Boz have a great temperament and even fight less than the Kangals.  They are a more natural Livestock Guardian Dog than any breed I have tried before.  Way less play chase drive.

                                                                          They are very intelligent and easily socialized.   They can be as hard of a guardian as you need depending on how you raise the.  Or you can have a dog that can be taken into any public setting easily.  Many are dog aggressive to strange dogs as you would expect with a LGD.  Some are easily socialized to accept dogs that are not threatening.

                                                                          As far as the fighting history, that can not be denied.  As with most any turkish dog or from central asia.  But they are not a fighting dog.  They are the dogs used by the shepherds in Urfa Tuzkoy Konya areas of Turkey that are also being fought.  Sadly with modernization, there are more dogs being exploited in this manner.  But there are male Boz's that work together as well as females.  My son's pug also goes into our pastures and the KS he is boss.

                                                                          I ask anyone that has any questions about the breed to explore the truth.  Visit the Facebook group Turkish Boz Shepherds to meet with actual owners outside of Turkey and see their dogs.

                                                                          Come visit my dogs or someone elses.  Call me and talk.

                                                                          But don't let some haters and crazy women feed your mind.

                                                                          Brian Peckinpaugh (NaturalBorn Guardians on Facebook)

                                                                          903 373 1289






                                                                          • I would also like to say that the claim that the Boz were created by mixing up a bunch of breeds is come tell inaccurate. 

                                                                            They are the dogs from Urfa Konya Tuzkoy and Denizli.   Yes they are being bred to each other as in a Konya bred to a Urfa.  But these are considered the same type.

                                                                            They have a foot morphology unlike Kangals, Anatolians,  Akbash or any other known dog breed.  The feet are webbed out to the tips of the toes, and have a tendon that runs the edge.  Many have center toes connected.  I have had 25 year veterinarians tell me they have never seen any dog with this kind of feet.

                                                                            They certainly didn't get this from English Mastiff,  Bernard or some of the other stated breeds used.

                                                                            How would you get a 33-35 inch 150-180 pound dog that can literaly chase down and catch coyotes.  30-35mph.

                                                                            Guarantee you not from those breeds.

                                                                            Visit some of these dogs to see for yourself. 

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